You Can Be A Suicide Bomber For Blackistan Or Serve Your Best Interests Like Other Women Do

We don’t need to rehash the particulars of the intense conversations many black women engaged in last week. Actually, the past 6-7 weeks have served as the defining moment when African-American (AA) women in particular made public declarations of how they view themselves and each other in such a derogatory way. After four years of advocacy calling for complete separation from dangerous people, places and practices there’s nothing new left to say.


Despite my desire for more women to choose a lifestyle and identity that benefits them, it is up to each individual woman. I will not be silent while those women who wrap themselves in self-martyrdom and sacrifice at the altar of black community dysfunction try to redefine the positioning for all of us.

They don’t speak for me and I don’t speak for them and that’s okay.

Well it’s not really okay, but I say Godspeed because everyone gets the life they expect. It’s not easy standing up to bullies, deniers and the ultimate crabs in a barrel. Even now some black women watched the Oprah interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter last night, heard her sister-in-law say she couldn’t confirm whether Bobby Brown had introduced Whitney to drugs and twisted that into “proof” he was “innocent”. 

Of course the issue with Houston wasn’t about drug experimentation, but overwhelming negative influences. People still want to dispute whether Houston’s life (and that of her daughter) improved or got flushed down the toilet after she married Brown? Come on!

That line of thinking (including blaming white male racists and insisting a 13 year-old ‘asked for it’) led two separate juries of mostly black women to acquit both OJ and R. Kelly years apart.  This, like any of the hundreds of examples we’ve discussed at the legitimate BWE forums displays the glaring differences between those black women who chose life-building mentalities reinforced by their actions and the majority of anti-BW behavior practiced by the black masses. There will never be a “consensus” about this because compromise = death.

Most AA women are literally killing themselves – and will take as many other women and girls with them. Hence the terrorism analogy. They want their dogma (of lesser-than) accepted at pain of death. YOURS.

Meanwhile many other women, non-AA and non-black alike are focused on coming together to IMPROVE themselves and their standing. The third Women In The World Conference was held this weekend. This is what functioning women do with their time, energy and resources.

Never heard of it? Maybe that’s because you’re spending all of yours scratchin’ and (not) survivin’ in Blackistan (thanks Jae for that apt description). Integrating with the rest of the world is next to impossible when you’re behind enemy lines – by choice.

Fortunately, some younger black women are securing brighter futures for themselves, where their hopes and dreams can be fulfilled. Some women chose to tie anvils around their ankles. Some women will attach wings so they can fly.

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  1. Jae: I think the biggest hurdle will be convincing women and girls that leaving Blackistan DOES NOT mean leaving ethnic pride behind, but gaining a more balanced and healthy kind of ethnic pride.

    I love it! Welcome aboard, Jae. I visited your blog and I like what I read! It's great to see and hear some of the younger generation take up the BWE banner. I'm glad you're applying the core tenets in your life. You give me hope that some will head the message and uplift themselves

    1. It is a big relief to see young BW get it. I don’t think the resistance has much to do with preserving ethnic pride. AAs still lump themselves with non-AAs and claim they don’t know who AAs are or focus on our contributions with distinction. There’s a lot of confusion and ignorance. For we see how anti-black black people are. What we do see BW engaging in is misdirected focus on BM protectionism at the expense of BW/BG and holding onto normalized dysfunction without examination.

  2. There is a saying "Eat to live not Live to eat". I avoid the unwash mass and I keep evolving. Thank you for this wonderful article.

    1. I hear you, but let's be careful to not also denigrate other black women even if they are on a suicide mission. The Apostle Paul started his journey killing the early disciples. He was absolutely convinced what he was doing was correct.

      Some of us were sent on a mission with a trajectory that goes but so far. Those of us willing have to go the distance. You must always keep taking the high road in mind.

      Eventually some women will come to terms with their misguided support of the dead black community -- although it may be a bitter pill to swallow facing those latter years with regret.

      Despite any doubt to the contrary these last shots fired by anti-BWE opponents were beneficial to those BW who really want to be free. There is no half-stepping!

  3. *jaw drops* WOW! Thank you so much Faith. It's truly an honor, and I mean that! 🙂

    I really appreciate your insights. I didn't know about the Women in the World conference. 🙂 One of the reasons why I think that so many black girls fall by the wayside is because they have not seen enough women who look like themselves doing things like that. That is why I am glad for BWE because I think that if people are shown another way, a good many will choose a better way. I think the biggest hurdle will be convincing women and girls that leaving Blackistan DOES NOT mean leaving ethnic pride behind, but gaining a more balanced and healthy kind of ethnic pride. That is where I think much of the battle will be waged considering that it is a perverse sense of ethnic pride that keeps many tethered there in the first place.

    Peace and thanks for being here!


    1. Thanks Jae and whatever information you find useful please apply it. Always vet the messages you read from me and anyone else. We need younger woman such as yourself to pass along a true empowerment doctrine/lifestyle to your peers.

  4. Blackistan. Love it! LOL But i've been listening to your message though but I have a sense of humour also!

    1. I hope you're listening, applying and sharing life-affirming information with black girls. Focusing on BW under 25 is necessary.

  5. Greetings Faith,

    I just caught up with the latest row in the blogsphere and…wow. I will leave it at that.

    As an add-on to your link for the Women of the World conference, there is an upcoming conference sponsored by the WSJ next month called Women in the Economy ( Based on the information provided and the heavy hitters that will speak, it appears to be Davos on Girl Power steroids! A few of the participants are high profile bw including Desiree Rogers, Linda Hill (Harvard Professor) and Jeanine Prime (VP of Catalyst Research). Events such as WITE and Women of the World are shaping the 21st century global agenda. The world is moving on while 'we' are still debating nonsense.

    1. Thank you!!! For those reading, The World Economic Forum is an annual meeting held in Davos, Switzerland. This year's meeting was held at the end of January. The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models was the theme. Something black women should be working on. And the reminder here is that there is a GLOBAL focus being undertaken. For those AA women who want to DEFINE themselves by their issues, you speak for yourselves NOT the collective. You will be left behind with nary a thought outside the dead black community. The few of us left with any common sense are going to do everything we can to take back the IMAGE of black women.

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