Would You Pay $3000 To Learn How To Marry Into Wealth?

Sorry gents, this is strictly for the ladies! Beijing’s Moral Education Centre for Women offers a 30-hour course in life skills and ways for marriage-focused women to appeal to men of means.

Instructors advise going to places that the rich frequent, such as fancy bars and private clubs, learning proper restaurant and dining etiquette, studying formal dress, staying indifferent when presented with luxury gifts and avoiding insincere flattery.

Some of this advice is universally sound. It could work for anyone who wants to expand their social circles. I can see where some people would twist the idea of positioning and expediency and make it into a calculated, self-serving venture. Who gives a ____!!

I’m sure many of you have heard the expression “It’s just as easy to love a rich man than a poor one”. I wonder if people assume those who’ve accumulated material success automatically calls their personal character into question. It’s an erroneous line of thinking.

I’ve been researching a lot of New Thought teaching on prosperity. One facet covered is how poverty (in all its forms) symbolizes an imbalance and lack of faith/trust in God. If we were in sync things would manifest certain ways. That doesn’t mean we can’t adjust, but it indicates something has to change.

Of course being a “good” person, ostensibly religious is supposed to be the goal. Sometimes people are just lucky at random. Besides many people struggle with numerous challenges in their personal relations or career-wise or with health. There’s no perfect situation.

Still, as a woman in a patriarchal society despite education or ambition most will still benefit from marriage – especially where having any children are concerned. So why not go for the gusto? Miserable people will be unhappy regardless.

4 Replies to “Would You Pay $3000 To Learn How To Marry Into Wealth?”

  1. Hello Faith,

    I certainly would if I believed it would help me reach my goals. I will explore this further. Thank you!

  2. Hmmm, it depends. I would probably have to hear a stellar recommendation from someone who has experienced the course before I invested the money. From the quote, it seems that most of these topics have been discussed in Ginie Sayles's book, "How to Marry the Rich," and I only paid $8 for that.

    Still, I'm not closed to the option…

    1. Ginnie Sayles is a pioneer in this realm. She used to teach this as a course at the Learning Annex. The Beijing course lasts several months. I think something similar offered Stateside has value.

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