Would You Like A Little Sade With Your Saturday?

So this was the Old School Friday meme as well. I’m still resolving my computer issues/blogging platform migration so I’m posting off the cuff (like at the Apple store for example).

It’s a rainy Saturday and Sade totally fits the bill. There was an announcement a few months ago that the band was in the studio and a new release would be forthcoming next month. I believe that’s been delayed until after the new year.

Who cares…it’s Sade!!! Who else can make us wait 8 years for a masterpiece and still leave us wanting more great music? Well..um Maxwell perhaps but I really miss his afro.

I cannot pick one song of hers that I love more than the other because I like them for different reasons. When I lived in the UK I was shocked to find out  many fellow Britons just think she’s “average” because we adore her so Stateside. Also Anita Baker credited Sade for helping pave the way for her own jazz-influenced career.

Maybe one day I’ll tell you how I got backstage at one of her shows, hung out with the secondary backing musicians (who had their own tour bus) and got a ride home and an open invite to all the shows that year.  I also bet Sade has had an interesting life that is only hinted at in her music.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Here’s the live performance from Live Aid – gosh she sounds amazing here!

Here’s two more I love. Sade really knows how to be classy, sensual and cool all at the same time. She’s had a very simple style [gold hoops, slicked back ponytail and red lips] that would look good on all women as well. There’s a lovely thread of Latin influence and apparently white is a favorite color from what I’ve observed. I’ve wondered from time to time if her skin tone has had something to do with her popularity here – yet her romantic interests in her videos have always been white men!

This video so makes me want to go to Puerto Rico.

Finally here Lover’s Rock live.  I didn’t include Nothing Can Come Between Us or Kiss Of Life or Love Is Stronger Than Pride because this post will go on forever! I can’t help myself. Her music brings me joy. What’s your favorite Sade song?

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  1. My favorite Sade song is "Sweet As Cherry Pie"… I have seen her live and it is truly a treat, it was one of my favorite concerts ever!

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