Words Of Wisdom From A Rat!?

Have any of you dear friends watched the 2007 animated feature, Ratatouille? I LOVED it so much and found it was such an inspirational story. Even as the ick factor of the real-life ramifications of a cooking rat had to be suspended for the sake of a movie plot metaphor, the idea of someone with a perceived negative, handicap or obstacle resisting doubt and naysayers to follow their bliss certainly resonated.

Here’s one of my favorite clips.

One Reply to “Words Of Wisdom From A Rat!?”

  1. Hi Faith! I love this movie, too. Pixar movies are awesome because they don't treat kid's like dummies and they really do give some powerful life lessons in all their best movies (You should see Up and the Toy Story trilogy, I cried lol). Isn't this clip brilliant? In a 1 min scene they explained to kid's that sometimes you have to be willing to change old beliefs in order to live a happier life. Watching this scene, it reminds me of my mom telling me that I couldn't pursue acting, even though I enjoyed it, because I'm Black and I'd never be accepted. I understand that like, Remy's dad she was just trying to protect me because you don't see a lot of Black actresses break into mainstream films. I actually found myself nodding and going "Yeah! You tell him Remy!" at Remy's answer when his Dad goes "This is just the way things are" lol But don't you think a lot Black parents do raise their children the way Remy's father raised him? Telling them that world is a harsh and scary place and you are only guaranteed limited success because of your skin color? This why I hope I can inspire people the way Brad Bird (the writer/director) does some day. Change really does start within yourself.

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