Women Utilizing Social Media Series: Ananda Leeke

Time goes by very quickly especially when you’re having fun. I began Acts of Faith Blog nearly two years ago. I knew there were conversations I wanted to contribute to as well as initiate.  As this initiative continues I want to expand this platform and the message of social justice and empowerment. One of the most important aspects includes connecting with an audience. Due to the user friendly nature of social networking many of us now have more tools at our disposal than ever.  Technology has advanced while costs have decreased such that we can create content of our own choosing.

Instead of asking why we don’t see our images on screen or have our stories being told we can take the reigns of our own destiny instead of looking to others to do so in our place. Yeah for us! Now it just takes those willing to learn (social media, marketing, new media, production skills, etc) and build an infrastructure. We can offer a message of uplift. We can lead by example. One of the best things to come out of SXSW was the exposure of those self-appointed social media “experts” who lack professionalism and the skill set they’ve pitched to companies. Far too many have been allowed to coast as arbitors of self-interest at the expense of the collective.

It is time we stop letting certain males speak on our behalf  as well as telling us how inadequate we are with their faulty “advice”.  Since we know women tend to be concerned about their communities then it would be in our best interest to speak for ourselves. With knowledge comes responsibility. So the focus needs to be on us creating our own projects and working in concert with other like-minded individuals who can help us realize our vision as well as supporting theirs. So for those who don’t know where to begin…just go for it. You will find your way.

In this interview with author Ananda Leeke which we recorded via Skype and sent to CinchCast we discuss her personal journey to self-fulfillment as well as her outreach. You can listen at your leisure.  Enjoy!


Since I like to practice what I “preach” I will be moving this forum forward with the Acts of Faith In Love and Life Talk Show on Talk Shoe. My first podcast will be this Sunday April 11th at 5pm Eastern. The call-in number is 724-444-7444 and call ID 79389. The first conversation will be about women, relationships and the impact of pop culture/media on our choices. We’ll cover things such as The Rules marriage guide, celebrity crash and burn stories and how to tap into our femininity. I welcome your participation.

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