Women In Power: Who’s Representing YOUR Interests?

Something to consider for those who would seek the interests of woman-friendly legislation and power-bases:  there are now TWENTY (20) woman Senators, the biggest number in the history of the United States to date! Technically, there are 17 currently serving, 5 newly elected and 2 retiring leaving the 20.

It would of course be unwise to presume any random woman actually supports other women. Nor should men be ruled out as potential allies.

Forbes Magazine is already asking who amongst the group will run for President. One important observation to make is which groups are being represented – and who is (not) on the list. With one out of five female-to-male ratio, there’s still plenty of room for more gains. There are numerous organizations (like Emily’s List, 2012 Project, et al) that cultivate women candidates. Don’t sleep!!!