Womanly Words Of Wisdom: Nina Simone

“Freedom is: No Fear!”

This might be pensive for those getting the a.m. feed, so watch it later when you can grab a quiet moment. You gotta admire songsmiths like Nina Simone, in one of her rare poignant moments on stage – after commanding respect of course!

We do each have our own stories.

What do you show the world?

Here Ms. Simone talks about channeling her talent to get people to feel and freeing them up to gain a different perspective. Expanding our human existence fuels the need to try drugs, adopt religions and many things to connect with others and find ourselves. Or we bury it in ways that diminish us. Let’s decide to be free instead!

3 Replies to “Womanly Words Of Wisdom: Nina Simone”

  1. I have a few Nina song's on my MP4 all the time. O Sinnerman is the best one of her songs! : )

  2. She was such an original. I love Nina and her voice and songs are so stirring- I've actually been moved to tears when listening to her sing. Thank you for posting these clips.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the clips. I’m grateful for all the YouTube posters and the Simone estate for providing the material. User generated content rules.

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