Why Not Ignore BS & Focus On Beauty Instead!

                                                        Yes, I heart bathtubs!

Hey all! I’m traveling and had no working internet to update posts. Every time I tried to upload to publish my connection would drop. I abhor being so tech-dependent – or deficient – depending on how you look at things. Everything works out in the end as more of you marinated on this week’s earlier post about creating your own LIFE & MARRIAGE Playbook that works as well as what Asian women have quietly and methodically implemented with such precision.

Apparently, there’s been a LOT of celebrity foolishness this past week. We’d know to ignore it, but there are teachable moments at play. GOOP, er Gwyneth Paltrow ‘besties’ of Jay-Z and Beyonce (whom I refer to as Bouncy & The Drug Dealer) felt her association with depravity blackness entitled her to let her inner N-word (that so-called liberals let fall off their tongues so easily) fly. Then Erykah Badu initially praised her collaboration with band The Flaming Lips, only to battle the group’s lead singer via Twitter about being exploited because some fans reacted negatively that she was filmed naked in the video with a bunch of white guys.

I seem to recall her decision to shoot an earlier video naked on the streets of Dallas that she espoused was innovative and how people needed to break away from “GroupThink” (she was fined). Many people think this latest controversy is a publicity stunt. I wonder how such an intelligent woman stumbles over the okey doke. Not really because we all trip. Why, isn’t the majority percentage of black women who have multiple children out of wedlock and often with different men (once is a mistake, three times is a choice) the epitome of GroupThink (indoctrination)? 

Back in the real world yet another bullcrap “study” of black woman fu*%$ery about how “we” can’t lose weight or some other nonsense is making the media rounds. Weren’t we being told how “fat and happy” we are like two months ago? See, this is how you KNOW there’s been enough of a seismic shift in the collective consciousness of enough black women (despite obfuscators, users and traitors) that OTHER entities have taken notice. They’re trying to cannibalize those who recognize and reject BLACKISTAN Thought Propaganda to thwart MORE of us MARRYING WELL to non-black (ok….WHITE) men. And expect more BALANCE and respect ACROSS THE BOARD from everyone else!

They know the numbers are lower right now but FUTURE generations of black girls growing up are being groomed to make BETTER choices when recognizing their TRUE WORTH. They will marry out (hopefully with ethnic pride and femininity intact). Thus the inferiority LIES are being spit out like clockwork. You have to laugh because it REEKS of desperation. If black women were actually inferior NO ONE would FEEL SO COMPELLED to keep saying it. The liars doth protest too much! Carry on ladies.


When I saw the Brooklyn, New York home of actress Keri Russell featured in ELLE Décor I immediately fell in love! The clean lines and neutral palette is very soothing and photographs beautifully. Click for slideshow. Personally, I’d add a pop of color but I like the post-modern style, textures and comfort displayed in this design. Since I happen to be working on a book where the heroine converts a pre-war apartment but leaves the original bathroom space in her renovated living room (very Boho Chic), I thought it was so cool to see someone do that in real life!

Let’s continue surrounding ourselves with Light and Beauty.

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  1. Well, now you know you can NIGnore anyone whose inadequacies doesn't spur them to excellence but brow-beating others whose standards are "too high" into submission.

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