Why Isn’t There An International Butter-Of-The-Month Club?

You’ve got your Wine Clubs, Fromageries-R-Us, Mocha Love and others, so why not butter?  If there is and I just haven’t heard of it, your company must write to me stat! I need samples and a reader giveaway, hehe.

One of the scenes from the 2009 movie, “Bride Wars” that made it more tolerable for what was a sexist, pedestrian and rather juvenile plot but the title alone elicited an eyeroll so it’s not as if I didn’t have an inkling the movie featured women who had the mindset of 12 year-olds was when Liv’s fiance found out she’d been gorging on cookies, truffles and butter. Yes, butter.

“Wait, the International Butter Club? You mean you sat around eating sticks of butter from all over the world?”

That line made the scene. I smiled and nodded because if Liv had been eating Isigny Butter with Coarse Rock Salt [via France] there’d be no question!

If you’ve spent any time in Europe, you’d immediately notice how much better diary products taste. Even the American-origin candy bars are more flavorful. Then you might note how less expensive they all cost for the higher level of quality, when comparing to similar products available Stateside.

For example “gourmet” French butter costs upwards of $9 per package (plus shipping if you can find an importer). Well, back in France it might be just another brand from a selection of greats and here’s the kicker: they cost 1-2 (around $2).

I’m really fond of chocolate [55%] with grey sea salt in particular, so can’t you just imagine how great it is when a creamy butter melts in your mouth slightly to unleash that hit of saltiness – over warm bread? Mmmmm. Here’s a few  pound cake recipes to get your weekend started.


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  1. Hehe…yes, that is a funny line in the movie!

    Just last week, I won a gift certificate to a Gourmet Item of the Month Club website. Everything from chocoloate to popcorn to sauces to olive oils to teddy bears to ties! Eh, but no butter! 😉

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