Why is (M)Essence Magazine Offering $1 Off Coupons For Their Steve Harvey Cover?

Essence magazine is really taking this Black Friday sale too seriously….

Could this issue not be selling because it’s crap – and enough women have recognized it as such?

Oh I certainly hope so!

I was trying to ignore this because I had coincidentally allowed my subscription (that I’d kept out of misplaced loyalty) lapse in May of this year. I was thinking I should renew until the June issue hit the newsstands where they gave Jennifer Hudson the cover but accompanied it with a condescending feature on her AND the infamous article on “How To Meet A Black Man (Since You Know You A’int Got One)” was published. You may have heard one of the top five suggestions was to meet such a pillar of fortitude at the strip club and immediately prostrate yourself because all of you who are currently ALONE and HOLDING OUT FOR YOUR BLACK “PRINCE” should be grateful he’s not in jail breathing. Also you may as well throw all pretenses of standards out the window…..

No, this fine tome of richness was not written by a male writer – that would have raised a red flag. It was written by two black women who clearly hate other black women telling readers how little they think of you. Fighting through bare flesh, sexual abuse survivors, alcoholic inebriation and loneliness to find such a stellar specimen of manhood to snuggle up to. Fun times, eh?!

MESSence has slowly but steadily spiraled down the rabbit hole of pushing a LOT of nonsense. As is the case with many other media outlets and forms of “entertainment”. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this trend of famous and infamous people telling black women to lower their standards or to not expect much from the menz or how nobody else wants them but it’s an all-out war. The other not so subtle ploy is to promote lighter skinned and so-called exotic women who may have some African DNA as the ONLY standard of black womanhood. It has caused a lot of confusion and anger but keep a clear head because it’s intentional. If your head is bowed in shame you can’t see that you’re being jacked, hoodwinked and bamboozled.

I’m still waiting for their covers with Chris Rock and a giant hairball AND Chris Brown with some boxing gloves. HaHa. Now in what is their annual insult to us with their “Black Love” issues this time they’ve presented us with Steve Harvey’s grin. Which is part of a larger snow job to get us to lower our standards for some inadequate male that we’re supposed to choose based on his race alone knowing full well that he’d likely exercise any and all options to NOT choose an average but definitely far more adequate non-exotic black woman. So Harvey’s happy alright. He’s got his latest fantasy fulfilled while taking many of you to the cleaners and then some with his relationship “advice”. Oh but wait for it…he’s not alone. He’s sharing the cover with wife numero tres: who was the mistress, jump-off, wifey, whatever-you-want-to-call-her. She now gets to call herself (the current but not lasting by his track record) Mrs. Steve Harvey. That is until the new mistress, jump-off, wifey slot is taken by the next one. Who I guarantee will be younger, lighter and more exotic looking than his current model wife.

That was Mrs. Jumpoff’s choice! Out of this vast great world the only man available to love and protect her was somebody else’s lack of character-displaying husband? Of course there’s always that exception. Hmm, let’s get real here though. Alicia Keys I hope you’re taking notes!! Am I being judgmental? Yup! Am I wrong? Nope! Remember when MESSence put Sean Combs and all of his aliases on the cover with Kim Porter and she was talking smack about JLO? Then it came out that he’d impregnated yet another woman? Well I do.

I keep waiting for Susan Taylor to come back and knock some sense into these heifers the current staff for their hideous displays of contempt for the very women they claim to be writing for by parading these broken, dysfunctional men relationships as pillars of stability – but she’s gone!

If this is what our youth have to look forward to let them serve a religious calling of celibacy rather than saddle them with this crap. Of course that’s not the solution either. It’s to stop looking at the gutter like it’s lined with gold.

Which brings me back to Steve Harvey and what will be a media blitz if the film version of Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man gets made. Tyler Perry will muscle out somebody else to slap his name on it and Oprah will follow suit. I covered the horrid book that he may have plagiarized very likely stole the entire concept including the title but butchered it’s contents because he wouldn’t know empowerment for women if it bit him on the nose. Is he what’s being presented as the best of black manhood? Grandpa Meets Viagra? I discussed how he had tried to get sole custody of the child(ren) from his 2nd marriage, forcibly remove his 2nd wife from their marital home and offered her a mere few hundred dollars per month in alimony when he’s worth millions. See whatever happens in the marriage is to be dealt with by the parties concerned but for him to pretend to employ Christian values publicly while stabbing black women in the back and taking our money for you foolish enough to part with it is just something I cannot abide by silently. It’s typical preacher fashion of telling everybody else what to do and how to live but doing NONE OF IT HIMSELF. So support the man at your leisure and I wish you an adequate rate of return.

Now MESSence is trying to get more foolish unwitting women to buy their rag by offering a $1 Off the cover price! I thought this was a joke. I know the industry is hurting, subscriptions are down, several people have been laid off and these moments can be challenging but I have to ask: what’s in it for MEEEEE? Why should I buy that magazine as they continue to drag the legacy of former Editors and owners through the mud by offering up garbage? As if it doesn’t STINK? I don’t think so MESSence!

Get it together and stop assaulting our image and insulting our intellect and maybe your circulation will reflect that. Step into 2010 and beyond and write articles that uplift us and offer inspiration but challenge us to grow in ways we hadn’t imagined. Encourage us to date ALL AVAILABLE MEN. Stop lifting up black men who clearly have ISSUES as credible sources of anything. In fact stop using men to tell women what to do period! Last time I checked we were entirely capable of thinking for ourselves. Your average reader is carrying nearly the entire load in her personal and professional life already. Don’t add to her burden.

So thank you for the coupon but I’m not buying.


6 Replies to “Why is (M)Essence Magazine Offering $1 Off Coupons For Their Steve Harvey Cover?”

  1. I stopped reading this post when you suggested that Susan Taylor return to the helm. I mean no harm but I had stopped reading Messence many years ago. The last time I tried to read it Susan was still at the helm. She had the nerve to advocate man-sharing as an option for black women that wanted black men. I will never forget the day I read that nonsense. That was on the cover of that issue. I was absolutely stunned at this because in one regular column that gave relationship advice they would discourage madness like that. She had gone to the bottom of the barrel long before she sold the magazine. Looks like she sold it to people of like mind. At least after she sold the magazine they had a couple of articles suggesting IR relationships as a dating option for bw. That never happened with Susan Taylor at the helm.

    That rag is a piece of trash for the most part. Unless I read a BWE blog post about a positive article from that madness I do not bother to check it out.

    1. Susan Taylor didn't own Essence -- it was owned by 2-3 AA men b4 they sold it to Time Warner. The years of their Church Lady stance definitely left me slightly comatose with regards to the slide into oblivion but it definitely picked up speed after she stepped down as Editor. She still hadn't left but wasn't in charge of the content so perhaps that was when you noticed the man-sharing nonsense? Either way it's not even toilet paper nowadays.

  2. You know? I wonder if Susan Taylor knew that Essence (and perhaps Black media) was spirialing out of control, and got away just in time?

    I stopped reading Essence a long time ago. When I couldn't get past 10 pages of advertising for products I don't use or can afford, I knew it was time to put it up. The magazine (and others, in general) were not holding my interest anymore. Especially, with my thought processes changing, I didn't feel a part of the "IN" crowd. lol

    1. The "in" crowd was always some other fictional black woman that I never knew in real life or fiction. I honestly was lost as to who they were reaching for a long time but I kept hoping they'd "come home", lol and get it together. Silly me.

  3. its funny because I saw this issue and said to myself, "how many times has he been married?" When I thought Essence topped it off with their various P Diddy and Kim Porter covers, here they go again

    I like that, "Messence."

    it's a sad state of affairs.

    the least they could do is have one or two vegan recipes…

    oh well

    1. Messence was coined by a commenter at another blog but they didn't link to an email or website back to themselves. It really suits the situation though doesn't it.

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