Why Ask Why We Do Things We Know We Shouldn’t?

 To err is human; to forgive, divine.

Alexander Pope

We’re gonna do them anyway! That slice of cake. Skipping the gym. Losing our temper. Some actions that lead us to dark places. Over-achievement, overcompensation and imbalance.

I listened to an extended mix of a few female singer-songwriters yesterday right now actually but you won’t read this until tomorrow. As you know, we women like to discuss our relationships – especially when it comes to l-o-v-e.

We all want it. How we get it and whether it’s good enough to keep drives us crazy. There are a few voices out there that capture certain vibes I relate to in certain ways at certain times.

For example, I needed to hear Fiona Apple’s song Shadowboxer. I can’t believe this song is 16 years old or that she was writing such insightful lyrics as a teen, but sometimes life impacts us in ways that clamors for expression.

As women we must find and use our voices. Our experiences and life lessons can help each other. Our human existences are unique, but most of our needs are the same. Until we decide we’re worthy of more, let go of fear, change our minds or focus on healthier obsessions we’ll experience life regurgitating itself for lessons on repeat. Or we’ll see it coming a sidestep folly. If we had it together 100% of the time we’d be ‘perfect’. How boring!

I could just as easily post a variety of artists, but what musical constructive womanly wisdom speaks to you?

7 Replies to “Why Ask Why We Do Things We Know We Shouldn’t?”

  1. I've always been inspired by the song, "I Still Believe in Me" ever since I heard it in the 1980s TV show, "The Kids From Fame." I listen to the words and become renewed.

  2. I'm always strengthened when I listen to Christina Aguiler's "Fighter." The song resonates with my spirit and helps me to remember that all experiences (even the challenging ones) are valuable.

  3. For me, one of my favorite songs is "Ain't Got No, I've Got Life…" by Nina Simone
    [youtube GUcXI2BIUOQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUcXI2BIUOQ youtube]
    I like to listen to this when I'm feeling hopeless. It stops me from feeling too sorry for myself. When I want get really pumped I listen to Florence and the Machine: Her songs "Shake it Out" and "Dog Days" are about letting go of the past and doubts.
    [youtube WbN0nX61rIs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbN0nX61rIs youtube]

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