Who Knew The SuperBowl Would Be So Interesting?

I was mildly curious about this year’s Super Bowl because the San Francisco 49ers had made it to the finals after a 15-year absence. In addition, I lived in the City when there was some of the most heated public debate about where the team would make its home in the new stadium projects being proffered. This was coupled with the gentrification concerns for the one mostly undeveloped area left in the City, the majority-black underclass neighborhood of Bayview/Hunter’s Point. Considering there’s less than a 3% black population in the city and 6% in the entire state of California, you will see a shift in the larger numbers of old-guard post Civil Rights-era representation that belies the future constituency when the current CBC members die off, never to return.

Given its proximity to a former naval shipyard that is the current site of a hazardous zone, the deal brokered by former Mayors Willie Brown (who’s black) and Gavin Newsom’s attempts at finalizing a shopping complex/condo project that all ultimately fell through, no improvement has been made to the area and the 49ers decided to permanently move outside the city to Santa Clara where they already had their administrative offices located. Though there will be a new shopping Mall on the site of Candlestick Park, that still falls short of actually improving the blighted sections. Considering the development company got the land for an estimated $1, these types of deals usually don’t help the people that would most benefit. There was also a bit of behind-the-scenes drama between the team owners, where the brother (from a billionaire family) had been ousted, the sister acquired the controlling interest and the team hadn’t come close to winning a significant game in more than a decade. San Francisco is definitely known as a tech town rather than a sports fanatic city. That might change, despite their 3 point loss to the Baltimore Ravens last night.

I don’t know who watched the game, but it was awesome!  The power grid failed at the Super Dome in NOLA for nearly 40 minutes. This speaks of our serious lack of infrastructure in the USA and how one flip of a switch or bad weather could level a city fast. Of course, the irony that this happened post-Katrina was lost on nearly no one and the money spent fighting on foreign soil for control of resources should not negate prioritizing the safekeeping of our citizenry at home. If there was an legit terrorist attack (or crime spree) here, all it would take is turning out the lights.

The other interesting factor to this year’s game is the fact the NFL Coaches for both teams are brothers. Talk about sibling rivalry! Jim (49ers) and John (Ravens) Harbraugh had the biggest battle aside from Cain and Abel. The Ravens were on fire and the 49ers struggling before the blackout. Then the 49ers scored 17 points in one quarter and it looked as if they might blow it out, but perhaps the stress of the delays, a few mistakes and questionable calls by refs all took their toll. But it was CLOSE!

Someone else noted that three African-American women performed last night: Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys (who performed the National Anthem). You can decide if that’s progress or a rotation of the usual questionable suspects. Aren’t they all label mates? Alicia has an album to promote, Beyonce’s about to go on a tour and what is JHud up to? Staying skinny and making other women mad about it. Singing with the Sandy Hook Children’s Choir. Sandy Hook was the site of a massive shoot-out and further inflames the fake debate over the fake gun-control not happening in the US.

If you were on Twitter last night, we had a blast making jokes about how Beyonce took all of the power with her after her Half Time performance, referencing Journey’s song When The Lights Go Down In The City and other silliness to pass the time. The official announcers fell apart for a good 15 minutes and had nothing to say that wasn’t scripted.  All of the money wasted spent on this one game to what end? I’m not a Bouncy fan and she didn’t score any points by bringing Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams back from the career crapper to act as her back-up singers for the pseudo Destiny’s Child reunion. I will say that Kelly looked amazing and the best out of the three in my opinion.

Here’s Beyonce’s performance. It didn’t totally stink, but it was flashier than a Vegas show with about as much substance as pop rocks. The candy that crackles in your mouth and dissolves. Thanks Pepsi. I liked the all-women band concept and the hologram bit. Ever since Tupac was resurrected for Coachella, artists have been cloning themselves on stage. Cue at 7:30 for Kelly & Michelle.

The Super Bowl commercials were either boring or offensive (Go Daddy is a repeat offender to many feminists, but I still contend it reinforces white women beauty standard as the object of desire) as the general consensus, but a few stood out.

Psy and Pistachios, the Calvin Klein model, Amy Poehler…you can check out all of them at NFL Commercials or CBS Sports. I haven’t had a chance to scroll through all of them, but didn’t see anything obviously negative involving black women this year. What did you think of the game, the performances and the ads?

Other than that, unless you had a financial or personal stake in the game it was business as usual. Voters should prioritize the faulty power grid though and be prepared for an emergency. Corporate interests with the push of the soda, chips and candy making Americans fatter each year doesn’t have to take precedence over health and safety and the politicians who ignore our needs can be voted out of office. If we decide to stay awake.

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