When We Talk About Creating Business Models For Ourselves….

I just want to piggyback off a recent post by Khadija over at Muslim Bushido,  African-American Slave Consumers’ Addiction to “Business As Usual” Vs. Escape Velocity.

Speaking only for myself, I make very conscious choices for what I media I consume and whom I give support to. I’ve put my neck on the line publicly in promoting black women free agency and addressing gross imbalances. I don’t have to agree with every aspect of a characterization of a tv show if I see significant areas where there’s sustainable growth (and a shift in the plot). I will say that blind consumption of anything and everything with minimal initiative in creating an industry of one’s own is a problem. To that end, I’m continually working at generating new resources and hope to connect with like-minded people, building alliances.

Nothing is stagnant and there’s always room to create opportunities.

I spotted a new interview with Steve McQueen on the Tavis Smiley Show (!!!!) that wasn’t posted online yet – and to my surprise spotted an earlier interview with actress (and playwright) Danai Gurira at PBS. Some of you might know her as Michonne on The Walking Dead. I don’t watch the show but it’s on my list! I wasn’t sure I could stomach zombie splatter every week, but when she’s out of costume and on the red carpet, Ms. Gurira always looks polished, confident and regal.

This was a great interview with some meaty questions, followed by insightful replies on her part. So kudos to this.

Ms Gurira speaks about growing up in the US and Zimbabwe, the benefits for black immigrants coming to the US, the contributions African Americans made that they benefit from and ways AAs can take certain initiative of their own. It was that deep and I loved it! As a lover of more classic theater especially Chekov, Ibsen, etc. I really appreciated her commentary.

She is a star on a hit tv show, but she’s also busy creating her own projects like Mother of George (click for trailer) as well. And this is why I’m sharing the interview. We can all do this. Support and create. And I love the fact that she turns down roles she’s thinks are unworthy. Watch and be inspired to do…..something!

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