When We Know More We Do More, So Let’s Raise Our Level Of Expectation

I want us to have particular conversations at this forum with a goal in mind. The only way women can strategize for their achievement and success is to first feel good about themselves. I want to remind you who you spend time with [be it media, people or unexamined ideologies] does have an impact.

Being given a great foundation through stable family ties certainly helps, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything. I’ve come to believe we will have many moments to create opportunities for ourselves if we have the drive to do so. A person could have been born into every privilege, but die young. Or someone whom others have written off can turn their lives around completely.

I look at it as life balancing itself with a certain amount of gifts and obstacles to keep things interesting. Well, I hope so anyway! There’s a lot of joy a well as suffering in the world and we can only do but so much. In the West we have raised expectations and can make assumptions about things that are in fact [our way of life] privileges. Yet, no one can bestow awareness of perspectives by merely intellectualizing them. 

I encourage you all to always think expansively and expose yourself to variety. It really does reshape you as a person and adds value to who you are.  Insular people are boring and less evolved, as well as involved with creating a brighter future. I may also use examples of famous women and comment on specific things about them, but the overall purpose is not to focus on them. I’ve moved away from writing stand-alone posts critiquing certain movies [i.e. The Help] or articles reinforcing negative images of black women because there’s nothing new about it, there’s not going to be some galvanized response to it and worse of all, too many are complicit in supporting it. I’ll still comment in places because I’m aware of what’s going on and I abhor it, but ultimately these things can’t hold you back eternally. We have a higher power, a spiritual purpose and options we can utilize.

If we are not being effective, we are not using our power in ways that benefit us. If women feel they must make certain choices that actually diminish the quality of their lives we can look into that so that we learn what to change and avoid. You don’t have to walk through this world with a blindfold on, nor allow other people’s issues to derail your journey. This applies to my male readers who lurk here as well.  If others have tapped into diminished capacity thinking and reinforce it that’s unfortunate, but unnecessary. 

Some women forget they are a child of Light and don’t seek out or accept the best. They let fear and impatience rule and thus we can see that lack manifesting itself in their lives. If you refuse to believe that there’s an expansive universe with endless opportunities you are so limited. If God [insert your belief system] wants the best for us [which I believe to be true], why are we settling for scraps?  We need to prep our minds in ways others have failed to do so.

Ok, this is a lot of philosophical hoo-ha. That’s just me. Let’s get down to practical solutions. After the fear, the anger and doubt, we must keep moving until we find our “sweet spot”. It isn’t easy! You don’t want to know what I’ve been through the past three years. I continue because there are really only two options: live or die. We may only have varying degrees of comfort through this process. The only thing that matters in the end are the results.

Here’s a great article on setting goalsBIG GOALS. This isn’t anything I haven’t discussed before, but I appreciate reading what others are doing. Be encouraged and go for it.

via Internet Independence, modified slightly by me

a) Set POWERFUL and ambitious goals [with deadlines]
b) Write them down [modify as needed]
c) Put them in the universe [get some help if you can]

And constantly take action. 

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8 Replies to “When We Know More We Do More, So Let’s Raise Our Level Of Expectation”

  1. This is a really great post. I am so greatful to read something so encouraging and uplifting. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Welcome Korrie! I've seen your blog pop up on my stats but don't recall if you've left comments. If so, then welcome back! You should enjoy tomorrow's post as well.

  2. Hang in there baby, you can do it! Your online "sisters" support you. We are all so happy that you are coming getting well.

  3. It is hard when your only support is you and you're surrounded by closed minded, negative nelly family and community members. I'm stuck w/ these people for now b/c I'm battling my way out of depression, trying to find work and eventually become self-employed.

    I think about my biological mother and all what she went through in life before she committed suicide five years ago. She was a strong and smart woman but she just got tired and couldn't hang on no more b/c family sucked the life out of her. So in honor of her, I am choosing to live.

    It has been my experience that living w/in the BC has been far hellish than any racism that I've experienced. I used to hope that someone would wake me up and tell me it was all a bad dream. It was only by grace that I became aware of the BWE movement, how you all have elquently explained how real the bad dream was/is and unlike the civil rights industry, offering solutions to smash the bad dream to pieces forever. And for that, I thank you all.

    There is too much to see, do, hear, taste, read, enjoy in the world to not to want to live. You just have to break out of the penatinary aka as the Black Community.

    1. THANK GOODNESS YOU SEE THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really excited that you are choosing better for yourself. This is tremendous, and I wish you THE BEST, QUICKEST, and MOST REWARDING way out. You deserve it. The information that is abundant on this blog and others is sure to guide you and support you in your journey.

    2. @mobile68 I so can relate to your experiences. Never give up even when times get pretty dark. My neighbor pointed out what I owed myself self-love, etc big time. First and foremost, I am responsible for me and my welfare. So, even if it get's lonely sometimes, remember you owe it to yourself to keep trying to better your situation. If you don't do it for yourself, who will? You can change things! Keep believing.

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