When Struggling With Change Determination Must Conquer Doubt

And obstinance….

The DC Comics series (and film which is out on DVD) Green Lantern offers an interesting contrast as it questions our relationship between will (determination) and fear (doubt). The movie was rather meh for me barring the unexpected Angela Bassett sighting as Dr. Amanda Waller.

The story does reflect how fear undermines our ability to make beneficial and bold choices. That element parallels many spiritual texts that warns us of the consequences of letting fear rule us instead of faith combined with action.

People who’ve resigned themselves to limitations usually shout the loudest trying to shift the narrative away from evaluating, determining and achieving higher standards. Women who’ve inadvertently been poisoned by contempt and don’t feel loved (or who remain in a disempowered state of mind) can easily fall into all sorts of depravity (numbing themselves through food, drugs, “do-gooder” work) from denial of their needs, but the worse is when they stop caring about the quality of their lives and give up pursuing them.

Any mention they can do better, have more and are expected to rise to the occasion may be more than most think they can bear. That’s a lie though, because true relief comes from release of controlling dogmas that demand rejecting who they are and what they’re capable of. Especially when it comes to our sexuality and feeling safe to be ourselves as FEMININE WOMEN. There is tremendous power in knowing our worth and only mingling with those who prove they value us.

What areas of your life have you closed the door to? Are you willing to reconsider? Sinestro vs. Hal during his training into the Green Lantern Corp told him:

Fear is the enemy of will

Will is what makes you take action

Fear is what stops you and makes you weak

It makes your constructs feeble

You must ignore your fear

When you’re afraid you can’t act

Your solution is to follow through with the Affirmation: I Fear Nothing.

Don’t let anyone else’s lower-level existence curtail your rise no matter what external trappings of success are projected. Remember The Matrix wasn’t real except for what the people in the pods assumed. They were slaves to an ideology and system using them!  Besides, Morpheus was just as tough but more loyal to Neo – which is why he didn’t become an arch-nemesis!