When “Give A Brotha A Chance” Goes Wrong

Since the arrest of Phillip Young for his latest charge of sexual assault against a minor it has been revealed his employer had failed to conduct any background checks on all of  their hires.

If this was a small mom-and-pop business one might, might be able to excuse such gross negligence but since that employer is the Urban League they should get no such caveats.

A registered sex offender who managed to get hired as a family caseworker and expand his role to mentoring young boys several years ago is now charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old Buffalo boy, authorities said Tuesday.

Police said Phillip T. Young, despite becoming a registered sex offender in 1995, was hired in 2000 by the Buffalo Urban League to help work with families experiencing difficult times. The hiring raises questions about why his background was not thoroughly vetted.    Buffalo News

As part of the old guard Civil Rights organizations whose main thrust it seems lies in excusing the criminality of black males, particularly regarding crimes committed against black women and children (not to mention other black males) I am oh so curious how they’re going to regain the trust of those they claim to serve.

Sure it’s a local branch — not the national headquarters and they’ve since amended their policies but I was under the assumption nearly every employer conducts criminal background checks on potential employees as well as follow-up searches for those in sensitive positions. Any position involving children should at least require a check with the sex offender database regarding a potential hire.

I know that even when I was a temporary hire for companies in the financial service industry I had to submit to a full background check and FBI fingerprinting. Mr. Young was a family case manager who had access to children despite a prior conviction for child molestation. Saying “sorry” doesn’t cut it.

I’m yet reminded again how so many black women (who per the stats are mostly never-married mothers) give their time, money and support to these organizations. They may hold positions of authority as well as being a large portion of the clientele. No one questioned why they’d allow a man to continue assisting them who’d been sent to jail for what he’d said was due to his failure to pay child support?

Any rush to fill a position or presumption of good intentions when helping people undergoing a crisis means someone vulnerable could be put in a compromising situation, ripe for exploitation. Which is exactly what has happened.

The blind support of the CRIC (Civil Rights Industrial Complex) must cease! We have to ask who benefits from our efforts, what we get in return and what protocols are in place should clients have any grievances.

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  1. WomanistMusings: There's no excuse for the Urban League in hiring a convicted sex offender in this day and age.

    Dantresomi: I know! That database is readily available and would've taken them a few minutes to run a search. I think it was a case of other blacks assuming the good intentions of others and not being smart about it. You can't put people at risk in even more dangerous situations when they're coming to your organization for help.

  2. wow

    no excuses really

    it costs no money to look up the local police department and sex offenders database. if you can send an email you can do that check…

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