When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women #3

We may have a love/hate relationship with commercials due to implications of consumerism and concerns about products. Something to consider is image, recognition of buying power and simple consideration. I believe there was an episode of Mad Men where a company had solid research AAs made up a substantial percentage of their customer base, but chose to ignore them. We’re coming full circle and should take advantage of every opportunity (and create some).


This is the first Blasian connection between Asian men and Black women that I’ve seen. Do you have any other examples?

While this is an intra-cultural relationship, the woman is being elevated to WIFE.

There’s an earlier ad from 2011 which indicates Chevrolet is seriously courting black women buyers.

Remember the Alanis Morrisette video for Ironic? This ad is reminiscent of it.


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9 comments to When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women #3

  • samadhi101

    Ah, BW and AM: the most underrated men and women in society. I'm agreeing with everyone on the Blasian one :) I've been watching a lot of Korean dramas lately though and it really is inspiring how Asian men turned their image around by creating stories where they are action heros and love interests, in less than 10 years! I'm seriously taking notes.

  • Jaw

    Hello Faith! How are you? Great observations you have here. I absolutely LOVE the Blasian one. You, there is this one Kraft did with a BW and her kids. It so freaking sweet. I have been looking for it. If I find it, will send it to you. There was a T-Mobil Blasian commercial I saw. At least I think it was T-Mobile. I will look for it too. Take care.

  • I have noticed these ads. They're memorable, because they feature attractive, lovely and NICE black women acting "normal".

    I really like the Asian guy and black woman ad the best. At first, I thought he was Latino (not that it matters), but I figured he was Asian, because he's being as "rebellious" as she is. He wanted to eat chicken, not be one. I've read on some blogs that Asian guys hate being portrayed as cowardly, weird or nerdy. So whoever made that ad was very aware of these issues.

    And I think I've seen an Asian guy and black woman in a print ad (on another website), but not in a commercial. I'd certainly like to see more of them.

  • Formavitae

    These are cute.