When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women #2

Continuing our discussion from February – by supporting those who are supportive of you – we’ve got some new commercials that show black women in a positive light. (Don’t miss When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women #1.) Which is not the same thing as pandering or being ‘ironic’ for the sake of attention, paternalism or worse! The brands do need to label their ads better so we can find them by a simple SEO search.

Much of the future of advertising has to take online viewership into greater consideration. Yes, brands that means you!

I dub this ad: I’m every mom.

I dub this your younger sister’s cute friend is feeling you -ask her out!

I dub this sexy cereal. Bear in mind, the commercial was just released and there are no links posted yet. Yes, that’s the same actress from the Gain ad featured in the first post.

As some people could use a few media literacy lessons and disseminating images from a socio-racio-feminine perspective (gender, race, class), there may not be a shared consensus. That’s why we discuss and review!

*Update 4/27 – found another one!

I’m tacking on this music video from Timothy Bloom that a reader left in the comments from the post If You’re An Ally Of Black Women. His duet professes an admiration for and features a black woman. It’s provocative for sure but he’s right there in the mix, instead of trying to be ‘cute’. This separates the boys from the men.

*Before the Pavlov’s Dog response kicks in, aka seeing this as ‘proof’ of a sweeping ‘black love’ that will heal all injury against black women, let me remind you this is ONE video. Bloom has another video with a non-BW love interest. This is not a blanket endorsement.

You still need to do your homework, but hey enjoy because they make a striking pair physically and vocally. Perhaps the featured artist Veronika Bozeman, who co-wrote the song would be better served (and serve us) through our enthusiastic support.

2 Replies to “When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women #2”

  1. I love it Faith! Thanks for posting these. I don't watch a lot of tv so I don't see the new commercials. Keep
    up the good work, you are truly unique in this blogging world of pretend bw bloggers trying to ride the
    coattails of the BWE movement! God bless you.

    1. Thanks Lynn. After a 9 month hiatus I added some tv back into my schedule and I've taken note of an uptick in upscale commercials featuring BW. It's more diverse than the shows are, but I think it's addressing the 40% viewership. While the infiltrators are annoying it does signify the awareness of BWE.

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