When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women

Consider this an adjacent conversation to our Super Bowl Media Watch. There are specific instances I will address in a separate post a) the total erasure of black women from ads this year b) the Roland Martin situation (nothing like witnessing a meltdown in real-time on Twitter) c) another advertiser with a majority women customer base not including women innovators in their ad d) why the argument over what I dub “sexy woman” ads has different ramifications for black women.

Objectification is in the eye of the beholder. Stereotypes are a gross exaggeration that devalues underlying causation. Regardless these things can be combated. For all of the potential harm viewing women as one-dimensional implies, being completely erased is far worse.

I’ve recently extended my television viewing time to browse through a few new shows temporarily. Plus it’s Awards season! So, I’m delighted to see a group of commercials featuring (visibly) black women and girls in a normalizing capacity. I could make a case about being a marginalized group, but we’re here to focus on moving beyond present circumstances to create an optimal lifestyle

That includes supporting those who support you. As a side note, I’m aware Yoplait has had a long-standing relationship with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Their choice about who they fund is up to that organization since funding Planned Parenthood has become even more politicized than ever. We must always look at the big picture.

I want to thank Yoplait for adding the following commercial to their YouTube account upon request. I could not find it online and didn’t want to have to record and load it myself. This is not an exhaustive list.



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This Natural hair blog included transcripts and got a reply from the lead actress Tomiko Fraser Hines. Adopting new attitudes. How cool.


I also saw another Yoplait commercial with a black and white actress, a Progresso ad where a black man is proposing, Twizzlers and one with an interracial couple but I missed the brand.

Good job!

If you’ve seen any favorable ads feel free to share in the comments.

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  1. I like the Gain commercial alot. I only use natural brands but looks like I might have to pick up of bottle of that to donate.

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