What’s Your Most Romantic Movie?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day I thought we’d compile a list of the most tear-jerkiest, sexy, gut-wrenching, star-crossed lost love, fight the power, romantic and obstacle overcoming protagonist films. If you do a quick search a lot of the older films are listed online where you can watch them in their entirety for free.

Here’s a few faves:

Pride & Prejudice

The Notebook

Nicolas Sparks has cornered the market on this genre with The Vow, Dear John, etc.

The Way We Were

Something’s Gotta Give

Yeah, it was all about Jack & Diane getting together in the end, but in the real world Keanu would’ve won. This role was perfect for him.

Love Jones

Arguably the best bohemian, sexy black buppy movie ever. We need more stories like this.


Taken (what’s greater than daddy love, papa bear slaying dragons to get his daughter back?)

 Old Yeller

 What movies  have meaning for you?

6 Replies to “What’s Your Most Romantic Movie?”

  1. Those are great choices. Mine are Pride & Prejudice, Return to Me, Love Actually, The Notebook, and Wall-E

      1. Wall-E is a cute robot who falls in love with another robot, Eve, and goes to great lengths to be with her. It's a great movie about the environment also. 🙂

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