What’s On Your Bookshelf?

Be it physical or digital does your book stack measure up against people who are innovators and career trailblazers? Not to compare taste, but in consideration of how those of us trying to push the envelope on our success can still learn and be influenced in ways that benefit us. I bookmarked the You Are What You Read post from Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek site and started thinking about some of my favorite books growing up, like A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Then moving into womanhood, The House Of The Spirits really resonated with me in ways I didn’t understand at the time. Or as an adult how being inspired in still so important, like The Alchemist. And there’s a lot of industry-related books and thoughts on emerging technologies, historical novels, and I’ve learned from reading Dr. Seuss more than I ever understood as a child.

What about you?

Some of the 14 people featured I had never heard of, which isn’t a surprise but I like to know who folks are! So, I did a little digging. Anyway, there’s a few you may have never heard of either and I thought I’d share a few of their digital destinations.

Cindy Gallop

Hilary Mason

Guy Kawasaki

Claire Diaz-Ortiz


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  1. This is a good post. I've been reading for my job, and reading other mindless things online for a mental break. But, this is a good reminder of the progress I could be making by devoting those minutes of mindless thought/entertainment to substantive content. I also listen to audiobooks during my commutes, on occasion (which, ACTUALLY, is a good way to fit in additional reading--I completed more works than I expected or would have been able to by trying to sit and read them). I've been busy and stressed (with challenges outside of my control). But, this post has encouraged me to re-focus my mind.


    (And, I really love Dr. Seuss, too. I recently ordered some of his books for the library of my future children. Lol.)

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