What You’ve Been Reading Lately – Posts Revisited

Hey All,

I’ve been doing some back-end housekeeping and have been rather amused by some of the posts that are still being viewed after their original publishing date. As a forum moderator I want to provide valuable content that speaks to the regular readers while still expanding to accommodate new visitors.

If you’ve noticed a shift away from certain topics [mostly related to triage and strategies for black women] it’s because I want to meet the needs of the readership at large [as AOFB began as a political/slice of life forum] and entice some of you lurkers to leave a comment or two. At some point we have to move on to evolve. I have consistently supported the equitable elevation of women in society, but never as an extremist measure.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be edgy, provocative and sometimes controversial. We don’t have time to fake the funk or beat around the bush. Success requires focus and decisive action.  Many of the topics I discuss also reflect certain aspects of where I am on my own life’s journey. Often when we are moving through this world there are many others going through similar experiences. We can challenge, encourage and support one another.

I’m actively pushing myself to grow and change, so don’t expect to read about the same subjects or circle stale perspectives months and years later. My core values and the call for enlightenment and revision at this forum will remain.

So, I’m curious about who you are, what you’re doing in your life and how you plan to get there?? I’m very grateful you find our conversations so compelling that you keep coming back. When I began blogging four years ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

What would you like to see covered here?  As I’ve stated, I’m not interested in recycling the same complaints, aches and bruises. We can’t only focus outward and react mindlessly. We must be realistic, use common sense, take responsibility, challenge ideologies and our own motivations if we want to become our best selves.

We are multi-faceted women and lovers of women. We enjoy a variety of activities. We may want to help make the world a better place. We may want to learn to let go of past hurts. We may want to raise children. We may be seeking a compatible love match. We may be discovering who we are for the first time. We may want to understand others better. We want to improve our relationships with ourselves and everyone else.

As we move out of the heated summer months and into fall and a new year, facing uncertainty let’s be optimistic and determined that no matter what else is going on out there we will be grounded, positive and moving ahead with purpose.

Don’t be a FLAT EARTH Theorist! Oh and about some of those previously published posts….

It seems many people are very curious about a wide variety of topics [as evidenced by these search engine results], of which I’m happy to oblige:

Paula Patton’s ethnicity

Making technology easy

Not going off the deep end where men are concerned

Jennifer Hudson and other celebrity weight loss stories

The [infamous] Tyra Banks Gay Teen “Hell To Pay” episode

Almost evenly split between ‘Asian Women Trophy’ and Marja Allen Vongerichten related to Asian women marrying white men

The blog post with the largest pageviews is still my tribute post to Della Reese. The 2nd is Surrounding Yourself With Light & Beauty. Note these have minimal comments. I find this very interesting as the are clearly not the posts that have created the biggest overall impact or controversy when identifying the social injustices we’ve discussed extensively.

You can feel free to leave a message in the comment section or email me privately. It goes without saying, but I’m stating it anyway this is for legit discussion only. This is your forum and I want to take it to the next level. Your feedback is invaluable!

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  1. Well, I've recently transitioned into a new career field, after pursuing a different course. I have a specific career position in mind, and I need to complete another degree and gain specific career experience before I can qualify to apply to an academic program for that position. (Whew! I've got lots of work ahead. But, I can do it. I'm tenacious, and I've been working steadfastly, thus far.) So, I've already been accepted into an academic program that meets the preparatory requirements. I was considering possibly waiting for employer assistance before commencing. But, that may require another 6 to 18 months delay. So, I've decided I'm not going to wait. I'm going to start my program and pay for it with my earnings. That's why I work. I'm tired of dealing with "dreams deferred". So, I'm moving forward with my life and academic plans. By the time I could qualify for assistance, my program would be more than halfway finished. If I DO qualify for assistance at some time in the future, I will use it for the remaining portion of my education. But, I'm climbing the stairs on the ladder to reach my goals. It feels good and exciting! (Though, I'm also nervous because I realize the hard work and dedication it requires.)

    I've also been keeping up with my health/fitness commitments, though imperfectly. I am now refocusing on eliminating extra sugars (candy, cakes, etc.) from my diet, because they unleash EVERY CRAVING that I have, and I have no interest in riding the weight loss cycle for the rest of my life. I've also been developing more self acceptance. I haven't necessarily been TRYING to. It's just an evolution that's been occurring in my life. Instead of thinking about a proscribed mould, I'm looking at who I (emphasis) am. It's OKAY if I'm not taller/shorter. I'm in between, and THAT'S FINE. It doesn't matter what some celebrity's hips look like. I have my own hips, and they look the way they do. I actually have a well-formed physique, but it doesn't look exactly like what's shown in the magazines. As I work out, it's only going to IMPROVE, but it's still going to be what it IS and not something different. That's okay. IT'S OKAY. That acceptance is growing within me. I think it's nice to finally start reaching the stage where you realize you don't have to compare yourself to others.

    So, in sum, I've growing and developing holistically, and I'm taking active steps to continue that process. I wish the best to all who are doing the same.

    BTW, I know I've mentioned it before, but your Facebook photo is VERY, VERY BEAUTIFUL, Faith. I accidentally clicked the Facebook link, and I saw the enlarged version. I know you've been working on losing weight,and you look WONDERFUL. Your skin looks clear, and you have very lovely features. It's a very becoming and welcoming photo (if I must say so myself).

    Alright. I've said enough.

  2. I’m in the ” sovereign man” part of my plan. It’s kinda funny because I’m basically where the discussion left off at sojourners passport (growing out my natural hair, making financial and survival preparations). So I have been looking at information along those lines and looking at many of resources brought up during the later discussions.

  3. Part 2
    I really enjoyed the pieces on inspirational folks, i.e. Della Reese, Dan Coppersmith, etc etc. I would like to see more like that.

    Thank YOU!

    1. The Rev Della podcasts are BRILLIANT!!!! I don’t know how often I’ll “stumble” across something that amazing, but when I do I’ll share! I’m going to think about ways to expand the internal evaluations we need to perform and refill. Maybe I’ll call it “Spirit Corner”. Glad to hear you found your way back from a bad detour….

  4. Part 1
    Hi Faith! I can definitely say that since I've been reading your blog since the early days to now, I have gained A LOT for my journey. Thank you for this forum and for being so transparent to virtual friends and strangers. Recently, I have been experiencing a sort of crossroads in my life that where I thought I wanted to go one way, I felt I was either going in circles or veering another way. Because of this, I started employing some ''thirsty" strategies and making some not so smart decisions. So, no bueno! I was internalizing some of those same "roundtable" blog topics as "why not me?", "am I not good enough?" and it was literally killing my spirit. I don't know how to explain it, but reading some of this stuff out there does NOT have you feeling empowered.

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