What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Well, it’s Friday. A lot of our US-based readership will be enjoying a 3-day weekend.  The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer and melon’s in season. I thank the stars for the technology that allows us to watch shows online – including the file sharing sites. It’s pretty much the only way to view previously aired shows in foreign countries, canceled series and finding future faves.

The company that successfully negotiates streaming rights from Scrooges for globally licensed content will be a game changer. And I firmly believe that the territorial grips, region restrictions and parsing episodes actually prevents broadcasters from boosting the audiences they claim such austerity measures are designed for. They killed Napster, but didn’t stop society from moving beyond outdated models. Their bottleneck business practices won’t yield the financial rewards they seek until they release these restrictions.

We don’t want to be tied to needing an actual television – or overpriced bundled cable. We don’t want to wait six months to watch shows that originate in one country before reaching our own. Something called Twitter follower plot leaks occur.

I was finally able to watch shows like Suits, Vikings, Nashville and The Americans. Loving it!! I share tons of links across several social networks. When we’re not posting here, you can find quips and tips at Facebook and Twitter. I also have several Pinterest boards related to food, travel, decor, etc. I write about business and tech at my personal website

Here’s some of what I’ve shared this week:

Contest for a one week ‘Mastermind’ on how to launch a successful business from AppSumo. I’d go for the opportunity to connect with people at the next level alone.

Danielle LaPorte is offering one of her rare Pay What You Can specials. Don’t sleep on it!

This is the perfect opportunity to make Raspberry Ice Cream Pie.

Did you know Iberico is one of my latest cheese finds? Sooo good!

Now that Yahoo! has agreed to purchase Tumblr, their earlier acquisition of Flickr may be utilized better, if you can get on the site! The surge in users has slowed or crashed their servers, but that’s tech for ya!

Pinterest now offers even better categorizations to make the site more user friendly.

The American Reader interviewed author Jamaica Kincaid. If you’re not familiar with her work, I personally rank her higher than Hemingway, though you really can’t compare authors.

Google I/O was this week. Not only can you send money with a Gmail account, Google now offers a monthly music streaming service.

3 Replies to “What I’ve Been Reading Lately”

  1. I'm familiar with both author's positiobs, I also know both were best selling authors prior to piracy, so their blues aren't like mine, so to speak. I know that for those of us who measure our sales by the hundreds rather than hundreds of thousands have been egregiously impacted. I know that small publishers, many of them women owned have been driven out of the business. This is not Prohibition tactics, unless you think it's okay to walk out of a store without paying this is nothing new. The notion that someone is entitled to steal my work just because they can is both wrong headed and immoral. Pirate sites profit from advertising. They pay bounties to uploaders who've done nothing but steal. How is that different from fencing a product. We can wrapit up in all manner of high sounding rhetoric, but a thief's a thief.

  2. I can't like the pirate sites as they also host people who upload my books for thousands to download for free.

    1. I was specifically referencing tv shows and music, but understand your frustration. Paulo Coelho has famously supported his books being pirated. He showed how it led to bigger book sales. I believe Joe Konrath has discussed it on his site when he releases his book sales figures. perhaps it works out better for some versus others. I usually go to the library, use Overdrive and those with Kindles or a Prime membership can use Amazon's lending library. Prohibition-style tactics don't work and we'd all benefit from a systemic change to benefit creators, right's holders and audiences alike.

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