What I Want & Need Right Now!

J Crew 

They offer such a great selection of scarves and sweaters for their collections. Look how you can achieve a polished look by layering – which was a necessity in San Francisco. It also works well for those experiencing seasonal changes. Plus, you can get extended calf boots! 


Can I just have everything in the store? From Shun knives, to All-Clad cookware, to Valhrona chocolate cake mix they have all that I need to get by on and them some. Now they have an official — 

Wine Club

I’m still waiting for my Butter-Lovers Club. Yessir!

Oh, I almost forgot about this    and this !!!!!!

But not this….

Kindle Fire

It comes with Cloud Storage (meaning you don’t have to worry so much about running out of or buying additional memory. If you buy one of the new Touchscreen (non-color for now) Kindles, you get free 3-G. That adds up! Now you don’t have to feel so bad about not grabbing the HP TouchPad Tablet when the price dropped.  Is it the i-Pad killer? Time will tell.

This is just a hint, I’ve got more Fall and Winter choices in the coming weeks.


Since it’s Fall and some of us want a Winter Spring, Summer AND Fall Beau or Belle, sprucing up the homefront may be in order. To invite people in, you’ve got to have an inviting atmosphere, afterall. It’s time to pick out new scents, display candles and drape luxurious fabrics.

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  1. Love posts like this! I have also made a concious decision to purchase as high a quality as I can afford of clothing, food, furnishing etc. They will stand the test of time and look far better than cheerful but cheap tat!

  2. Faith, we must be aesthetic twins or something! I love that color combo up top, and you can't get me out of the Williams-Sonoma store for nothing!!!! LOL

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