What I Ate On My Birthday

My birthday was on Monday. I started celebrating early. As in I had fruit, cheese and champagne Sunday morning. I think it had something to do with writing the Nest Egg post. Thinking about avoiding a catastrophe, makes one feel a little daring reckless.

Plus, it was brunch time. I knew I’d find a reason for an 1130am cocktail.



Tomato Basil Garlic sauce



Parmesian-Reggiano cheese [for pasta]

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Monarchy Ash Goat Cheese

Brillat Savarin cheese

Chocolate Bundt cake


I didn’t eat this in one sitting, haha!

What are some of your favorite meals? 


P.S. Author Leslie L.A. Banks has passed away. Please consider a donation to her family.

18 Replies to “What I Ate On My Birthday”

  1. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! don't know how I missed this…smh
    Your birthday meal sounded good and somewhat sophisticated,yes I consider linguine sophisticated.Everything sounded delish!
    I'm a good ol' pizza and cake girl myself but to each their own

    1. Thanks. I suppose I do have sophisticated tastes, but I am open to experimenting and think expansively. I’d say it’s more likely that I simply shifted bars. Exposure to variety and moving beyond the familiar is key.

  2. We have the same birthday! I didn't eat a super-fancy meal- all I wanted was some Jamaican shrimp curry, along with rice and peas. And that's exactly what I got 🙂 My favorite meal, though, is probably Thai tom yum soup with shrimp, and pad pa with shrimp.

  3. Happy Birthday, Faith! You're looking BEAUTIFUL, btw. I have to say my favorite meal is southern style mixed greens (heavy on the kale) with smoked turkey and corn bread. Nothing beats a delicious plate of greens, for me.

  4. Happy Birthday Faith!! cheese, fruit and wine ……you're eating like a french person LOLOL:-)


    (Faith here: I removed the movie you mentioned. I smell BS couched as upliftment}

  6. Part 2

    Modern medicine suggests that it takes a matter of years for a cancerous tumor to develop. And that there are certain compounds in various food items that can disrupt (and prevent the completion of) that tumor-building process. Just adding small things to one's daily routine (such as a cup of Japanese sencha green tea) can make a big difference.

    Self-care isn't about doom, gloom or living in fear. It's about consistently choosing things that enhance one's quality of life—so we're able to enjoy pleasures like having "fruit, cheese and champagne" whenever we feel like it! LOL!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Faith!!

    Sunday morning's meal sounds delightful! {chuckling} Yes, it's important to enjoy our pleasures along the way.

    I'm so sorry to hear about LA Banks passing away. I made my (small) donation yesterday, and I hope the donations are able to provide some measure of comfort to her family. In that regard, I hope your audience will strongly consider reading and acting on the information in a book by Dr. Richard Beliveau called Foods to Fight Cancer: Essential foods to help prevent cancer. I first heard of this book from another excellent book, Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber.

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