What Are Your Acts of Faith?

No I’m not talking about religiosity, though investing in a spiritual practice certainly doesn’t hurt. I named this blog Acts of Faith because my name is Faith and I wanted to propose a call to arms, a mantra, a doctrine if you will for all of us to step out on a limb, past our comfort zones or familiarity and challenge ourselves in love….and life. And everything that encompasses. I had no idea I was trying to turn around my thinking, I just knew I was stuck in a rut and wanted to get out. I want to to stop berating myself for not being perfect while not meeting my full potential. I want to let go of all my doubts about what I feel my purpose is and how my hopes and dreams have run smack into a brick wall called uncontrollable circumstances and disappointment. I want to let go of apathy, hopelessness and confusion. I want to get rid of all negativity. I want my joy back, the spunk I used to have when I felt the world was unfolding before me and not working against me.  I want to be ok with not adhering to some false standard of Blackness and womanhood that stifles my potential and keeps me bound by someone else’s standards. I want to not eschew knowing ‘God’ more deeply because I’ve seen numerous cults and pseudo-religions speaking with authority about a mean and spiteful God and setting a list of rules to follow instead of a offering a moral compass and genuine care. I want to be a friend to myself and others without fear. I want to attract positivity and wisdom. I want requited love that is equally reciprocated. I want a government that doesn’t make me cringe or be angry with and citizens who take responsibility for it. I want people to be happy, content, well fed, safe from harm and productive. I want to be the best version of myself and know it.
What do you want out of love and life? How are you getting it done?

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2 Replies to “What Are Your Acts of Faith?”

  1. I want to feel safe, secure and happy. I want those I love and care about to feel the same way. I am feeling hopeful, very hopeful that things in this country and this world are going to change for the better since November 4th. I am looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.I really try to keep myself centered through meditation, positive self talk and basically staying away from negativity as much as possible. I know it sounds simplistic, but it works for the most part.

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