What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

This is one of my favorite songs recorded by Ella Fitzgerald. I love the way she hangs onto the end of her notes..it’s so sultry.

I’ve compiled a few cocktail and non-alcoholic drink options for you after the jump!


If you start out early and stick to non-cream drinks or lighter fare like champagne and you like “dessert” drinks….bam!

The Tiramisu cocktail by Frangelico with recipe.


Apple Fennel Punch


Horse and Carriage Punch


Mulled Pomegranate Sipper


For all of you late-risers or party revelers who never went to sleep, here’s a list of brunch recipes from the Food Network. Of course you can always go out! It’s a tradition amongst some older African-Americans to have black eye peas on Jan 1st.  If you skipped parties and want to center yourself, there’s a  Chill Out Mix I listen to on YouTube that’s more uptempo than usual. As always, be safe and enjoy yourselves.

2013 is here.

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