We Can All Use A Laugh: Three Blogs To Boost Your Spirits

This should match your celebratory mood in advance of Cinco de Mayo!

Have you read Let’s Have A Cocktail? I’ve linked to a post on JennyMac’s blog before, but I still find this lawyer full of Southern charm and wit.

I’ve been going through so many commercials lately and watching The Pitch I hope This Advertising Life doesn’t go over your head. I don’t think it will, because it’s hilarious.

Tumblr sites got a shot in the arm when they were adopted by twenty-somethings (and brands) who use animated photos. It’s fun (minus any server crashings). The blog It Came With The Frame moves beyond the funny cats, though I did find one that showed a cat in a raincoat and hat, rolling off a sofa quite enjoyable.

I had to throw in this interview of Colin Farrell discussing how he got turned down by an actress 40 years his senior. It’s not (haha) funny, but more incredulous. It proves women of distinction never go out of style.

4 comments to We Can All Use A Laugh: Three Blogs To Boost Your Spirits

  • Mikey Tandino

    The Dame interview was a lot funnier than the one with Colin. Maybe you saw somethng that I didnt, but she never states why she turned him down.

  • Shermy

    That Colin clip is hilarious!