VaughanTown Is Back With A Program For Teens!

We’ve discussed the VaughanTown volunteer language and cultural program for adults previously. It’s a great way to travel and mingle in Spain. Now they’re offering a similar program for youth age 12-17. This is great!

Again, they’ve put together a 2-week program, split time between a homestay with a Spanish family followed by a group camp. The program fees are covered by the host family, so the participant only has to cover their round-trip transportation  to Madrid and funds for incidentals.

This would make a good starter travel excursion and help encourage independence. It’s a lot shorter than a semester abroad. Children can build valuable life skills..and the brief trip won’t require a huge commitment, while keeping separation anxiety to a minimum hopefully!

You can review the details and apply at the VaughanTown site.

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  1. That's great! I was thinking about people who I could let know about this so they can take advantage of it.
    This post made me think of a few of Khadija's old posts. Particularly "Semester At Sea" and the Joining Better Networks series… I think those posts should be required reading for black people who see the writings on the walls and are looking for a way out of this country.

    In those post Khadija pointed out how important it is for us to carefully consider who we support or send to foreign countries as these people will unfortunately be representation of the entire black race while they are abroad.She made us consider how if these people are problematic it can cause people in other countries to make it harder for other blacks to get in and ruin certain opportunities for the rest of us.I am carefully thinking about who to reveal this information about the Vaughan Program to.

    Did you see this?Harvard is offering free online courses.

    It is so important that we take advantage of all these opportunities while we have them.It won't be like this forever.

    1. Yes, these are great posts to review. I do wonder how all of the black women attending post-secondary schools utilize their opportunities when information about programs like Semester At Sea is readily available. The Real World sent an entire cast on one of the ships several years ago. I do know about the free classes. There are some restrictions with being able to receive credit as one would get for a paid course, but the knowledge gained is priceless. There's a huge database of courses I've been compiling for a future post. Thanks for commenting.

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