Ugh – Who Cares About The Misadventures Of Tiger Woods’ Pecker?

aka – Why Elin should take the $300M (alleged pre-nup payout) and the kids and run –

Oh the jokes about “wood” and pecker” have provided me with endless mirth. I thought I’d said my peace but I guess something else was bubbling to the surface. So by now unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard about poor (or soon to be) Tiger Woods’ jump-off problem. I betcha Chris Rock will have a joke for it soon enough now that his black woman ridicule has come full circle. Woods has one, two, three oh wait for it –  a fourth has emerged? Geez Louise I know he can wield one type of stick but can he successfully juggle numerous women on the side and a wife? Well….apparently not!

Just file this under the “Ya’ll Don’t Understand Me” files. Or better yet the “Say You’re My Sister” memo.

Since multi-cultural isn’t a race unto itself and his 25% African-based DNA is catching 100% hell right now for defiling white women I guess he’ll be on his mea culpa tour soon. If he didn’t want to be thought of as black before this he might just consider it afterwards if any of his corporate sponsors back out while he’s under fire. Some black people will be waving “Welcome Home” signs as if he’s the prodigal son personified.

Instead he’s just another dumb male (athlete) who thought his poop didn’t stink in an upwind. Like others before him he’ll be surprised and stunned at the swiftness by which he’s rejected and relegated to the day old bin by the whites he’s so thoroughly embraced. Ah well, he can remind them he’s one of them by blood and in spirit as he parts with more cash to pay out the hoochies, the fed-up wife and the circling vultures ready to pick at his carcass. It will be a pound for a pound.

Just don’t make this into a racist dog whistle scenario. He got what he wanted after all, which was to embrace all the white flesh he could handle and then some! He just forgot the rules whereby brown-skinned men are only allowed one relatively minor slip-up concerning white women and only when they are rich and famous. If Rihanna had been white for example there’d be no discussing future career prospects for Chris Brown. Woods thought the rules didn’t apply to him because he was the Cablanasian exception. Psych!

He didn’t want to date black women anyway (thank goodness) and none of us should care what happens to him.

Now the smart thing for other blacks would be to stay out of it and not attempt to publicly tie the collective with him. Let him stand and fall on his own merits as an individual per his previous wishes. Let his mother’s people come out in full court press and rally against the “white people picking on him”.

That isn’t likely to happen though because other groups tend to think in terms of elevation for their collective and protecting the image of the women part of it. One can argue about how Woods was helping the black “community” image-wise or financially (I hadn’t noticed any significant contributions one way or the other) but I don’t think he’ll be attending any block parties just yet.

**Update. Now this saga is reaching soap opera proportions and I’m not sure what’s fact or spin for profit. There’s supposed to be as many as ten other women. Gross! Then some are claiming to have never used condoms when they were with him. Extra disgusting. I just cannot fathom being in a relationship with a man who has violated our marriage so thoroughly.

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  1. We care because we have nothing better to do…*eye roll*. Luckily, I have a life! LOL

    In closing of Jeff's report on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning, Jeff said "Let's keep Tiger in our prayers, he needs it." Oh really? I'll pray his wife is safe from a disease or whatever, but Tiger is a grown-- uh, person??? I can't today with "rallying behind the all-of-a-sudden black man". Please.

  2. Nia, I agree with you. He wanted nothing to do with us, however we are talked about like one of us was married to him. Thankfully, not.

    Then there are the BW who are taking up for him. I feel nothing for him one way or the other. I honestly feel for his wife and kids.

  3. The only thing that bothers me about this whole Tiger Woods issue is that even though this hasn't got one thing to do about black women, people still find it necessary to bring black women into it with the sole intention of stereotyping and bashing them. All I keep hearing and reading(on other blogs) are ignorant comments like: "He's lucky he's not married to a black woman, or else he would be dead, castrated, beaten up, etc., etc..

    Why can't people just leave black women alone? His wife is not black, his mistresses are not black, so why use it as a reason to talk about (bash) us? Why not talk about white women or Cablinasian (sp) men instead?

    Sigh, or maybe I'm just reading the wrong blogs.

    1. Because it's bring on the pathology and degradation time for black women. Our status has been elevated with Michelle, Sasha & Malia being in the White House (regardless of whether certain "elite" circles accept it or not) and here come all of those that wish to undermine -- heck destroy -- any such progress. So we have Good Hair, Precious and whatever other crap that will be used to drag us trough the mud. On top of that any person with melanin will be tied to us as if we had anything to do with them with the implied assumption that we're somehow supposed to care. SMH.

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