Tyra Show "Hell To Pay" Gay Teen Exorcism pt 2

This is the follow-up to this morning’s post. I finally got my video to download and wanted to add the interview with the 16 year old Jeffrey as well as the admission by the “Prophet” minister who says he’s going to burn in hell that she herself has been attracted to women. Of course she’s been “delivered” so she considers herself okay but the poor kid is damned…if he does or does not.

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2 Replies to “Tyra Show "Hell To Pay" Gay Teen Exorcism pt 2”

  1. KC: It wasn't as bad as you're imaging (well maybe it was). No actually the mis-guided ministers did seem sincere it's just that they're so inherently WRONG with what they did and the way they did it. Had they expressed hatred it would've been a completely different scenario. They have the right to draw the line in the sand for themselves, but they shouldn't be dragging a confused teenager into the mix.

  2. Egads! I won't watch, as I'm sure it would be too painful. I feel so bad for the teen and I wish that Tyra could open her eyes and realize the harm she does when she does these insensitive episodes, of which she has produced many.

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