Faith’s Weekly Breakdown

Everything I’m sharing for this week’s breakdown could be its own separate post for the next three weeks. So take your time and dig in.


I’m trying to wrap my head around this discussion on the power of positive negative thinking. Huh?


Renisha McBride

Yes, it was the influence of racism coupled with easy access to guns and irrational fear that lead to this tragedy.  Racism fuels Stand Your Ground. It’s time to get real about the motivations behind this aggression. Please give what happened to her serious consideration and do not lump her with other people and other situations, namely black males. And it’s sad to say but this is also part of the backlash of the mass acceptance of criminality. It was mostly contained to black males, but it is now being extended to wreck havoc on black women. Coincidentally, the Wayne County Prosecutor is a black woman, with a reputation for being very skilled at her job and no-nonsense. Pleading this case based on race alone may not be enough of an incentive to get the office to prosecute. That would be a civil suit, where the burden of proof is much lower. Sad to say as well, but we don’t know if this is a viable criminal case. And prosecutors like to have winning cases to try. There’s nothing wrong with adding attention. So Thursday morning, I woke up to find my Twitter feed talking about a woman who had been shot and killed when seeking help after a car accident. The response was unprecedented. I’ve been discussing this with a self-described mixed-race woman in the UK who was outraged by this and wanted to make sure all of the American news media covered this. She read about it in British print media. You have to acknowledge the efforts of black women advocates who took to the Interwebs 6-7 years ago to discuss matters of importance with the welfare of other black women in mind. It has permanently changed the landscape of what is covered in the news and how it’s reported. CNN and some other networks had not covered the story until almost mid-morning/early afternoon but it had taken off through social networks for several hours. Also, some local residents held a rally Thursday evening to make sure this matter is addressed. Rallies are not effective tools, but the fact that people were concerned enough to act on behalf of a black woman victim is progress. Somewhat. I want to be sensitive to the family in case they read this, but we know part of the outrage has to do with the fact the man who shot Ms. McBride is white. And if you’ve been a long-term reader at this forum you know we’ve discussed the most violent and dangerous scenarios for black women by and large is within black neighborhoods, committed by black males. So, those people who are outraged about this also need to seek remedy for that. And help education more black women to remove themselves from toxic places and expand their social circles.

This Daily Show skit touches on consumerism, hypocrisy, racism and apathy with precision and humor…with black people! And some people are surprised that a man who expresses no remorse for being a drug dealer is all about the money?

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Junot Diaz On Hypermasculinity & Violence Against Women

I was scrolling through the taped archives of Q on YouTube last week. I found an older interview filmed upon the release of Junot Diaz’ last book,  “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” where things got a little deep! Of course because it’s a Q interview, Jian always brings his journalistic A game. Check out Mr. Diaz’ latest release from last fall, “This Is How You Lose Her” as well.

This Is What Men Protecting Women Looks Like

For those of you still holding out with hope for a golden age of improved relations between black men and women. For those who think if they protest for years on end something will change. For those who want their care, concern, activism or attempts at changing how other people behave to work. You can’t shake your fist, react emotionally or expect all attempts at pushing a mountain will get it to move by your efforts alone. Stop spinning your wheels!

To the Marie Antoinettes, Single Issue Protestors, Faux Progressives, Professional ‘Feminists’ and Anti-Rape Opportunists  who selectively pursue “justice” – those chickens will continue to roost. Misdirecting your ire at so-called elites, pundits, conservatives, or whomever does not absolve you of your responsibility for carrying dead weight and maintaining caustic people, places and practices – let alone recruiting others to do so. From Dunbar Village to Delhi to Steubenville and back.

There is a solution.

Total accountability for men by men who actually give a d*mn.

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Because Of Boys!

I’ve been jamming to the 2007 remake of ‘A Cause Des Garcons’ by French group YELLE (who makes for a fun and energetic live show thanks to the near all-teen audience jumping up and down for an hour or so).

I was just singing along in the bits of French I know but decided to go for a full translation and wow! A matter-of-fact message about some of the angst we women may feel when it comes to the opposite sex.

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Feeling Tired, Cranky, Sad Or Out Of Sorts? Read On!

Epiphany time! I listened to this interview with Dr. Sara Gottfried on the Wealthy Sistas radio show last night. It was an eye-opener! The conversation centered around the biological disruptions that many women face starting in their 20’s. This is a MUST listen to 45 minutes that may change your life. So many things made sense and I am left deeply comforted it’s not always personal failings that impact those of us who want to be high achievers.


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As The Talk Show Ends Its Run, Kudos To The Revolution For Helping Women Recognize Their Power

Some of my favorite examples of courage are of women adopting the affirmative for who they really are and acting on it. I was so glad to have watched the ABC talk show, The Revolution. While there was some controversy about the network replacing venerated soap operas with scripted tv shows, I liked the aspirational message encouraging women to realize their full potential. The Revolution is hosted by Tim Gunn, Ty Pennington, Harley Pasternak and MDs Tiffanie Davis and Jennifer Ashton. Due to ratings it will end its run in about two weeks, but it’s worth checking out.

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Women Chronicling Their Travel Adventures

Many of our US-based readership will be observing Memorial Day and spending time with loved ones. Since many folks will be cooking large communal meals, it got me thinking. Traveling, friends and food. How we need a “great” escape to recharge our batteries. How we may have obligations that require our immediate attention. Or have to allocate funds elsewhere.

Thank goodness SOMEBODY else not only explores the world, but documents their adventures to share with us! Here’s a few video series I’ve been enjoying recently.

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In Honor Of Kate & Will’s Anniversary Let’s Reaffirm True Compatibility

Yes, they’ve been immortalized as Ken & Barbie dolls!

It’s hard to believe how quickly the year has flown by. It’s already the One Year anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I’m making observations with regards to how women can use their Charm Offensive to position themselves for higher-caliber marriages and business relationships.

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Do You Enjoy Being A Girl? #2

Every woman should know how to flirt and coo like hummingbird with functioning men regardless of her sexual orientation. A man appreciates being reminded of his masculinity – regardless of his sexual orientation. We’re all drawn to happy, confident and smiling people. Honing a witty repartee is a highly valuable skill.

This not only benefits a woman seeking romantic connections. It helps in finding mentors and developing valuable business alliances. A man can still be in a committed relationship but serve as a key ally helping you. Men want to feel their significance and where the politicization of feminism stumbles is in pushing women to view them as inadequate or combatants across the board. This attitude posits women prettify themselves out of weakness in deference to patriarchy, when the opposite is true.

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