Does Ashley Judd Think She's The Rosa Parks Of Patriarchy?

Victim or Victimhood Peddler?

Puffy or Not Is Ashley Judd The Real Face Of Sexism?

Poor Ashley is having a very public moment. Maybe she’s going through something privately that’s making her a little extra-sensitive these days. I can’t imagine why she’d take the time to write an entire […]

See How Fast Blackistan Turned On Trayvon's Mama Sybrina Fulton?

Just know when I was writing this I was watching Maya Rudolf on the Ellen Show. Tooo funneee. I was about to do a news and social media break because of the increasingly irritating “controversy” over Ann Romney being a Stay At Home Mother and some “feminist” brou-ha-ha which had my eyes glazing over. […]

How Does Fighting For Oscar Grant Benefit Black Women?

I will answer that question for you myself: it doesn’t.

Before I’m deluged with angry retorts this isn’t about Oscar Grant but about the way some wish to symbolize this individual as being a victim of a greater conspiracy and part of the “racist rogue cop” theory. Unless you are personally related to […]