Not To Beat A Dead Horse, But Since These Propaganda Messages About Weight Keep Coming Up

We have to combat the lies, exaggeration and misrepresentation. I hope if you’ve been reading this forum for a significant length of time, you’re also paying attention to trends and the agenda of others in trying to shape them. Let me also be direct in reminding the black women readership that it serves the interest of not only the black community but in media outlets like the Washington Post (a frequent violator) to reinforce an inferiority meme that targets you specifically.

You can basically count on various media to promote some type of message about our hair, weight, marriage prospects amongst other topics to distort perception in creating lack. Or a false dichotomy to dull your sense of urgency in correctly judging a situation. There’s a report from WaPo and the Kaiser Family Foundation that would have everyone believing black women are Santa Claus. You know – fat and jolly. Oh wait, isn’t that Aunt Jemima…er Mammy? The sassy black girlfriend? The asexual Magic Negress full of sage advice for de sad white folk?

This is just a new way of springing the ‘Strong Black Woman’ trap!

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Suicidal Thinking About Weight Will Literally Knock Black Women Out

“Every second your destiny is just waiting for you to show up.”

— Jillian Michaels

I wanted to share a very brief update on my getting fit plan for 2011 which I’ll go into greater detail when I write my quarterly review next week. I am continuing to lower my BMI and gain muscle tone. I’m at 60 lbs junked – never to be seen again. The scale has caused me some distress with various fluctuations (flab vs. muscle) clashing with my expectations so I’m focusing on measurements. I’ve lost 9 inches from my hips so all of my clothes are baggy. While I want to cheer, I know there’s more I need to do, so I cannot become complacent. I am aiming for excellence (not perfection) versus “good enough for a black girl”. This is why I wanted a team of experts like reality star Ruby Gettinger has, but the victory belongs to me for designing the change from start to finish.

I will start to see bigger results after I’ve incorporated a consistent exerciser regime, however the greatest progress for me right now is recognizing when others are trying to sabotage my efforts with their supplies of junk food, sugary (or worse HFCS) drink, desserts and desire for me to “relax and take a day off” or telling me I deserve a “treat”.

No! What I deserve is to be free from all the baggage. When children in wheelchairs can do back-flips what’s our excuse?

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