Surrounding Yourself With Light & Beauty

I wanted to share some things that make me smile . There’s no particular order and this is a mix of photos and commentary. I want you all to get in the habit of imagining/conjuring/thinking about nice things so you begin to expect them as par for the course and not something you […]

Favorite Blogs #5: Paris

In case you’re thinking about going to Paris, have lived in Paris or are considering living abroad I thought I’d share a few of the blogs I’ve been reading lately. Enjoy!

Hip Paris Blog

God I Love Paris

Paris Most Wanted

Ann Mah


David Leibovitz

52 Martinis

Citizen Couture



Travel And Teach In Spain With VaughanTown

I was going to add an additional weekend post until I realized this is worthy of a weekday inclusion. If you’re thinking about vacationing in Spain this year or want to conduct some prep work before enlisting in a teaching English as a second language course you might want to […]

What Life Is Like On The Other Side Of The Wall

I’ve been spending a little less time on social networking sites and more scouring the internet. One was becoming too insular as I’ve noticed a cycle of repeated conversations and observations. I used to simply add to my network but the increase in volume didn’t necessarily produce the shift or quality I was […]

Is Norway The Way To Go? Some of the things I LOVE about Norway:”>Barbie

Last week I participated in an interview with a Norwegian newspaper related to interracial dating and breaking down barriers. I’ll let you know when it’s published. If you as an individual want a change in your outlook (and life), then you must make an effort at dismantling the old models. […]