I Was Skeptical But This Family Of Eleven Found An Affordable Rental Abroad


The Brown family from Indiana actually found a house to rent in Veneto, Italy for $700 per month! They have NINE kids. I was shocked, too! They’re close to Venice and in a bike-friendly area. Not only do they get family time, but it’s a wonderful experience for their children. Watch here.



Creating Global Opportunities When You Branch Out

Here’s a clip from the BBC about Martha Makuena, an African woman from the Congo who emigrated to Beijing more than a decade ago. She operates the city’s first official African hair salon – and  look who her clientele includes! What does it say about the appeal of black women when so many […]

Great Escapes To Far Flung Destinations

I have outlined drafts of a series of posts to use throughout the year that I think will be of interest to the reading audience. One of which is exploring the world through travel. It’s about that time to expand our possibilities of what we can do if we have any doubts, questions […]

Women Chronicling Their Travel Adventures

Many of our US-based readership will be observing Memorial Day and spending time with loved ones. Since many folks will be cooking large communal meals, it got me thinking. Traveling, friends and food. How we need a “great” escape to recharge our batteries. How we may have obligations that require our immediate attention. […]

VaughanTown Is Back With A Program For Teens!

We’ve discussed the VaughanTown volunteer language and cultural program for adults previously. It’s a great way to travel and mingle in Spain. Now they’re offering a similar program for youth age 12-17. This is great!


Proving You Can Do It Too: A Reader Recaps Her Trip To Spain With VaughanTown

Reader C.O. answered the call of travel and participated in the VaughanTown program. This is a two-week volunteer exchange pairing native English speakers from around the world with business professionals from Spain who want to improve their language skills.

In March 2011, I wrote the post Teach & Travel In […]

Did You Know Christmas Markets Were This Popular?

Back to lighter fare! With so much discussion about the commercial aspects of Christmas – at least here in the United States – people may not realize the social aspects of home, hearth and family are still appreciated. The European Christmas Markets are a well-established tradition.


Camping + Glamour = Glamping!

As a die-hard City Dweller, I have not been too keen on ‘roughing it’ in the wilderness. I do appreciate having survivalist skills, being able to correctly identify trees and plants, growing food, fishing and handling oneself in a practical matter.

Since I find the need to balance […]

Favorite Blogs #6: Couples Who...


“Don’t prioritize the mundane.” — Joe Konrath

Where has this plethora of  blogs hosted by married couples come from? They might be working, traveling or canoodling together but the key point is “they’re doing it together”. How cute! You can think of it as something to aspire to or insert a major eye […]

Surrounding Yourself With Light & Beauty#2: Saratoga Revisted

When most people think of California Wine Country, Napa and Sonoma Valleys immediately come to mind. There are however, about a dozen other regions to choose from. They’re not as vast as the regions in Europe, but they do offer distinct varietals in the grapes harvested and the type of wine offered. I’ve […]