Oops My Bad: Here's 'The Good Wife' Recap

I thought I wrote a Season Three round-up, but realize it was a mid-season review posted last January. Actually, it was more of a viewer’s lament as I was deeply disappointed in the season thus far.

Somehow the cosmos was at the ready, for the writing gods converged to adjust the […]

"The Good Wife" Season Three Has Me Hoping I'll Find Out It Was All A Bad Dream

Like Pam, I want to wake up to find Bobby in the shower so I can forget all about this ridiculous season. Only this isn’t “Dallas” and “The Good Wife” returns after its winter hiatus with another eleven or twelve episodes. Whether they will inspire cheers or jeers remains to be seen. So […]

My "The Good Wife" Season 2 Recap: Break-Downs, Break-Ups & Betrayals With A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

If you need to catch up you may read my overview of the CBS drama “The Good Wife” from last fall. If you follow the blog regularly you know I LOVE THIS SHOW!  I have seen many universal truths reinforced from watching this show and find it an invaluable resource to model real […]

Carol Moseley Braun In Real Life Election Mirrors Wendy Scott-Carr’s Television Race

Yes, this is another mention of the CBS drama, “The Good Wife“. Really CBS and King Size Productions should be paying me to promote their show across social media platforms. That’s not why I’m doing this, however. We have a prime time hit show with a secondary plot that uplifts black women and presents us as intelligent, feminine and shrewd. […]

The Good Wife: Character Throw-Downs, Season 2 Whiplash & Why We Need A Few Real-Life Wendy Scott Carrs

This is Part Two of my analysis of The Good Wife. I’ll quickly do a character list and why I find them so interesting and are  integral to the overall storylines. I’ll highlight the segue from Season One to Two and how pleasantly surprised I am by the addition of certain characters who’ve […]

“The Good Wife” Is Not Only Smart TV But Offers Women Many Valuable Lessons In Love & Life


In case you are otherwise occupied I highly recommend that you amend your schedule to include the CBS drama “The Good Wife”. If you can’t watch it during the scheduled broadcast time Tuesdays at 10pm it’s available at the network’s official site to […]