Why I Think This Is One Of The Most Definitive Essays On Public Education

** I reserve the right to change my mind later as always.

Of course this thoughtful post has been written by a “lay” person who is not an education administrator. Dave Troy is a WHY guy who resides in Baltimore, MD. I have been perusing his archives for several weeks trying  to catch up because I really enjoy the way this man thinks (though I’m not a supporter of the Waiting For Superman/Michelle Rhee ilk). See my post AA Women Teachers Being Scapegoated. ** There was another link I put on Twitter as well that I need to include.

His blog post titled, How We Get Schools Wrong should be a template for those critical thinkers, innovators and concerned citizens (whether they have children or not) adopt a more proactive stance of overhauling this broken system. If that’s even possible.

We know how poorly US students fare against those from numerous foreign countries that are at an economic disadvantage but obviously put more care into learning. We know how many teachers – and I’m going to focus on black women because that’s my forum – are being scapegoated for the poor performance of students. We know there is a huge politicalization and power struggles between parents, administrators, the teacher’s union and other interested and/or disruptive parties sullying the waters. We also know because funding is so precarious right now many will continue to fall through the cracks.

What about the children?

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