Surrounding Yourself With Beauty & Light: Dance

I’m still nursing the flu – or should I say flushing any potential illness out by any means necessary! Between soup, tea, water, juice, gargling, hot baths and bundling in layers I’ve willed all toxins gone! In the meantime, my brain cells are focused on rest.

I wanted to share this nice video of dancers doing their thang. It is so amazing what we are capable of. The body is so beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!

Danse(s) from Sosh on Vimeo.

Surrounding Yourself With Light & Beauty#2: Saratoga Revisted

When most people think of California Wine Country, Napa and Sonoma Valleys immediately come to mind. There are however, about a dozen other regions to choose from. They’re not as vast as the regions in Europe, but they do offer distinct varietals in the grapes harvested and the type of wine offered. I’ve always been partial to the Russian River Valley for their oak-barrel, heavier whites (think anti-Chardonnay) and usually make a beeline for the Domaine Carneros for its magnificent French castle and sparkling wine, albeit large production facility.

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