I Am Promoting The Idea Of A Super-“Elite” Black Woman

We’re so apt to still refer to ourselves as Strong Black Women/Superwomen that I thought it was worthy of discussion from a completely different angle. Mind you, I wrote this post 3.5 months ago before more recent conversations about who BWE messengers are (and aren’t) and how African-American women should consider all potential […]

Channeling Success One New Habit At A Time

Lately, I’ve been spending more time in serious focus on what I’m allowing to filter into my brain and what I export. To say I’m determined to “think more positively” doesn’t begin to explain it. I want a complete lifestyle change – or I should say a warp speed upgrade. Since I know […]

BWE Messaging Doesn’t Make A BWE Messenger

Hear me out audience (I wrote this post a few days ago but am posting it today). As the original blogs that addressed the ways black women have been mistreated by black males and interpersonal relationships gained traction the initial pushback served to generate more interest. So like feminism there’s been a 2nd […]