I Am Promoting The Idea Of A Super-“Elite” Black Woman

We’re so apt to still refer to ourselves as Strong Black Women/Superwomen that I thought it was worthy of discussion from a completely different angle. Mind you, I wrote this post 3.5 months ago before more recent conversations about who BWE messengers are (and aren’t) and how African-American women should consider all potential outcomes as they make choices intended to work in their best interests.

Re-reading the body of this post before publishing it, I can look back and see there has been a newer undercurrent of tension amongst those of us encouraging each other to move forward in their lives. that I want us to consider.  There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the tension. True empowerment for black women means doing things completely different than the models we are used to talking about that have been ineffective. We are all individuals and the point of all of these conversations we’ve had across the blogosphere for the past several years is to recognize and execute choices. The options available to us are in fact limitless. That still doesn’t negate the need for caution in how we execute things and in promoting reciprocal, quality interactions.

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Channeling Success One New Habit At A Time

Lately, I’ve been spending more time in serious focus on what I’m allowing to filter into my brain and what I export. To say I’m determined to “think more positively” doesn’t begin to explain it. I want a complete lifestyle change – or I should say a warp speed upgrade. Since I know this will not be handed to me, I must make every effort at being smarter not working aimlessly to achieve my goals.

African-Americans who are still clinging to the old models are going to be left in a massive free fall the likes many have not seen nor are prepared for. It upsets me how little the black intelligentsia, technologists and elite have done to help. I wasn’t expecting anything from the do-nothing Civil Rights organizations. So many are busy congratulating themselves on being “innovative” or secretly struggling while pretending to “have it all” or working their fingers to the bone or being lackadiasical.   

Lucky for me (ha) I had a major career upheaval in 2006 and saw that a permanent change was necessary by 2008. I’ve been searching for a niche while finding and executing my voice. I will be a fully integrated business owner with a passive income stream by the end of the year. More black women need to join the ranks of the self-employed before the un thinkable happens. The bottom hasn’t yet fallen out nor do I wish it to, but being ready to roll with the punches won’t make the crash so traumatic for those likely to be “caught” out there.

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BWE Messaging Doesn’t Make A BWE Messenger

Hear me out audience (I wrote this post a few days ago but am posting it today). As the original blogs that addressed the ways black women have been mistreated by black males and interpersonal relationships gained traction the initial pushback served to generate more interest. So like feminism there’s been a 2nd wave, 3rd wave and so on of newer bloggers adding facets to the conversation and expanding this social movement.

I am happy to participate in the BWE initiative. No, we don’t all think alike or have the same agendas. Some are also mostly focused on interracial dating and marriage because it’s the inevitable logical conclusion for those women to choose men globally, irrespective of race. Other bloggers include various aspects by matter of importance to their forum.

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