See How Fast Blackistan Turned On Trayvon’s Mama Sybrina Fulton?

Just know when I was writing this I was watching Maya Rudolf on the Ellen Show. Tooo funneee. I was about to do a news and social media break because of the increasingly irritating “controversy” over Ann Romney being a Stay At Home Mother and some “feminist” brou-ha-ha which had my eyes glazing over. Class envy is such a wasted energy. Using poor women to argue a counterpoint is WRONG. The Talking Heads don’t care and some people voted against their self-interests and are suffering the consequences. Ann & Mitt are BILLIONAIRES y’all! They’re very, very rich and have lots and lots of privilege. NEXT!

There’s nothing stopping any woman from positioning herself to be in a similar situation. LIVING WELL. VERY WELL. 

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Skewered Justice Is No Justice At All

I have the television on as background noise as I’m writing this essay and the series 16 & Pregnant is airing. It’s a follow-up to the previous season, but it isn’t something I’d usually watch. Listening to these young women talk about their experiences is heavy. Perhaps the tone of the series would be different if they had selected different participants, but there’s a similar line of thinking and social class amongst the group.

You can read between the lines about the current uproar over a teen killed by a Neighborhood Watch volunteer.  I know what happened to Trayvon Martin was horrible. My heart goes out to his parents. I hope his mother has the support she needs and they get grief counseling. Similar in mentality, it should not be a surprise but the Twilight Zone behavior of those in Blackistan bending over backwards to focus on George Zimmerman would’ve said zip if they had both been the same race.

Let alone if it had been a black girl followed, harassed and killed by a black male. You can’t ignore the race-based gender terrorism! Zimmerman may very well be a racist which only plays into the ‘evil white male” hegemony reaction by so many blacks.  I see the ambulance chasers surrounding the parents and this growing furor fueled by misguided and opportunistic types and it makes my blood boil.

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African Women Remind Outsiders To Stop Hijacking Their Image

At least some African women are concerned enough about their interests that they’re actively protecting their image. One thing that always annoys me is how the continent is lumped together instead of discussing each country individually. Like “Black Women”.

There are well-documented problems mentioned often, but there are also numerous interested parties actively engaged in finding solutions. In the meantime, I don’t see online conversations where Nigerian, Ugandan, Liberian, etc. women are screaming they’re mostly ‘fat and happy’, or how moving onto non-African social circles equals white male worship or how colonialism (white racism) is the main source of their societal ills. We’ve only discussed this in about 300 posts because some of you are extremely hard-headed about justifying non-beneficial dogmas instead of setting higher standards.

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When Bloggers Become Bunny Boilers

Does any of this look familiar? The pivotal scenes from Fatal Attraction where Alex threatens Dan and later on makes Rabbit Stew out of his daughter’s pet are memorable when watching from a distance. In a movie the heightened drama makes for an engaging plot. The real-life ramifications of dealing with an out of control interpersonal conflict are far more harrowing. Especially when it’s one-sided.

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Elphaba Was A Freedom Fighter Before She Succombed To The Dark Side

As a classically-trained singer my first love has been musicals versus opera if only because they are the modern-day equivalents to classical music. Yet, I was fortunate to grow up at a time when Jessye Norman, Leotyne Price and other African-American contemporary opera singers had achieved prominence. I’d also love to see a revival of No Strings and Marie Christine. Of my Top Five faves (which includes Les Miserables, Oklahoma, Godspell and Rent) Wicked vies for the first one that comes to mind.

Based on the Wizard Of Oz story and adopted from the McGuire book, the plot covers the relationship between the two witches Elphaba and Galinda. I’m revisiting it because during one of my late night/early morning epiphanies I realized there was an empowerment message interlaced throughout.

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