Does Ashley Judd Think She’s The Rosa Parks Of Patriarchy?

Victim or Victimhood Peddler?

Puffy or Not Is Ashley Judd The Real Face Of Sexism?

Poor Ashley is having a very public moment. Maybe she’s going through something privately that’s making her a little extra-sensitive these days. I can’t imagine why she’d take the time to write an entire essay about what she purports is a ra-ra sisterhood stance combating misogyny and body-shaming if she’s as rooted as she claims: 

The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator.

Now that television outlets have picked up on the story this is becoming a huge media circus going into Week Two – amongst those who have time to pay attention. Some people would have women believing we’re lesser-than, oppressed and victims under-siege with no recourse.

This time what we need to reassess and discard isn’t part of Blackistan Thought Propaganda but a lopsided, distorted feminist ideology. To me all of her righteous indignation reads more like self-indulgent posturing that’s an emotional response for not being considered a Sexy Young Thang anymore.

**Begins crocodile tears and a pout.

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I Think Margaret Atwood & Octavia Butler Called It

As we speed through another Women’s History Month I can’t help but wonder what unexpected events may occur. If you’ve been following some of the latest political shenanigans (and really you do need to pay attention) no one would blame you for expressing a myriad of emotions. It’s a three-ring circus with life-threatening consequences. The way certain male politicians are trying to dictate an agenda that removes choice and erases women is only as foul as the women who support it.

There’s always a multi-tiered plan in play. By pushing for extremes, it erodes present boundaries. You have to wonder if life has a way of shifting huge imbalances though. Those politicians like Rick Santorum trying to deny women not only contraception, but pre-natal care fueled an emboldened Rush Limbaugh to go so far off the reservation we’re seeing real accountability for the first time.

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Rapper Too Short Makes ‘Rape’ Training Video, Liz Trotta Shoulder Shrugs, But We’ll Let CBS & The Grammys Have the Last Word Regarding Chris Brown

I admit I’m a little overloaded – and heated from seeing so many of Whitney Houston’s “friends” deflect, deny and blame others while being rather dismissive of their own ignorance and complicity. Kelly Price claiming Houston was “sober” from using certain illegal drugs (ignoring the Rx ones) but that she’d only been a little tipsy from drinking champagne. Chaka Khan blasting Clive Davis for not cancelling his annual pre-Grammy party but saying her fondest memory of Whitney was them getting high with Bobby Brown in Miami. Jennifer Holliday telling the world Whitney experimented with drugs before meeting Bobby Brown. It was 80’s. Drugs were passed around like party favors back then. There’s a huge leap from occasional use to addict. Some people are so happy to get in front of a national audience they forget it isn’t about them! The toxic influence of those closest to Houston was certainly indicative of where her life would go.

Now onto the matter at hand. More anti-woman tomfoolery!!

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Why Were Obama, Andrew Breitbart & Ben Jealous So Quick To Demonize Shirley Sherrod?

Who wants to be integrated into a burning house? – MLK

Where’s Newt Gingrich when you need him? He was offering his assistance and support to the NAACP last week in their stupid misguided attempt at promoting faux controversies and blatant fundraising schemes fighting racism by denouncing the Tea Party. Not to help black people of course but to divide and conquer.  I bet you Ben Jealous would sure love a distraction story right now.

This is the same Newt Gingrich who led a very successful Republican obstructionist/attack  agenda when he served as Speaker Of The House during the Clinton Administration amongst other things. Thanks to Billy Jeff’s proclivities, their failed attempt at impeachment and constant pressure he signed the very flawed Telecommunications Act of 1996 into law. I’m reminding you dear readers of this most recent history because it ties into this latest debacle from the last 24-hours.

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Beyonce Bounces & Jiggles For A National Audience And That’s A Good Thing?

I heard about but didn’t watch the Beyonce television special that aired Thursday evening.  I find her music utterly boring and know that no matter how popular she is today (in part due to hard work and her appearance) it will not endure decades from now. Plus her videos offend me. Cheap titillation for the masses works for the masses not for individual enlightenment. It really irritates me to hear people bestow icon status to someone who was at the right place at the right time (after Aaliyah’s death) and positioned accordingly.

So I really hate to admonish some of you but you leave me no choice. I’m all for being free, proud of your body, footloose and fancy free but come on! Yup, it’s time to break out my ruler and rap some knuckles. Honestly many of you should know better. In fact many of you DO know better but no matter. You like what you like. Despite all progressive agenda fighting and declarations of outrage over inequality you simply like to see a black woman shaking her a**. Oh and other women of color too – but hands down it’s black women for the win loss.

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