Watch Tina Turner Discuss The Importance Of MARRIAGE, Her Career And Ambitions In Love and Life

This Tina Turner interview opens with a discussion about WHY MARRIAGE MATTERS. She mentions the legal and emotional benefits of why she tied the knot with her long-time love and letting go of the funk from her first marriage. VERY TELLING!!! Money, career, status, security, preparing for her golden years, not having to “worry” about anything, taking care of her children and knowing she can give back.  Everything a happy woman wants to be fulfilled. This is a must see conversation with many pearls of wisdom stated. Watch…and learn.

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Because Of Boys!

I’ve been jamming to the 2007 remake of ‘A Cause Des Garcons’ by French group YELLE (who makes for a fun and energetic live show thanks to the near all-teen audience jumping up and down for an hour or so).

I was just singing along in the bits of French I know but decided to go for a full translation and wow! A matter-of-fact message about some of the angst we women may feel when it comes to the opposite sex.

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How A 16 Year-Old Reminded Me That Men Are Human Beings, Too

Not that I didn’t already know….

We have been discussing some rather serious topics at Acts Of Faith In Love And Life lately – and rightfully so. For women who want to experience the best that life has to offer it is imperative that we prepare ourselves to create and accept opportunities to renew and elevate ourselves.

Since some of that evaluation process involves identifying and weeding out unsuitable males, some women have balked at the idea of taking full responsibility when it comes to putting their best selves forward to attract the more accomplished and discerning alpha male. There is a resistance that underlies some of the arguments against leaving old thought-patterns and previous injuries behind, i.e. interracial dating and not fighting white hegemony for example.

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One From The Dating Files: Why Women Must Not Be The Aggressor

Back in the olden days of my 20’s I once looked askance at the book The Rules because I thought it contained a lot of archaic, anti-woman rhetoric that went against current norms. We were women, we were empowered and we could do whatever we wanted. We roared. We didn’t have to wait for anything. Since we could earn a living like a man (minus the pay equity) why couldn’t we go after what we wanted in the dating realm, too?

Then when Sex and the City hit the airwaves it was if a bomb had dropped. Samantha Jones both thrilled and repulsed me. Actually all of the characters did on some level and not just because I noticed they could get away with many things as white women of a certain class tier that many of us could not. They also had plenty of foibles. I’ve covered why I also think there’s a reinforcement of some indoctrination, particularly with Miranda and her marriage to a lesser-than “good” guy.

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Mastering The Tenets of NaNoWriMo

Gaga says, “Just Dance.” Nike says, “Just Do It.” Faith says, “Write (or whatever your creative practice is)!” I wasn’t sure I would participate in National Novel Writing Month again but since I’ve just written a commercial fiction novel in two weeks I think I should.

Technically, I started on October 28 at around 3am when I woke with a nagging urge to write something down. It was more of a journal entry about something that was bothering me but the idea gave me the incentive to write a story about a young woman’s journey from her teens to her early 40’s. I’ve been waking up between 3-5am with words wanting to come out that I’ve had to respond to so here I am.

While I agree it’s not good to rely on inspiration instead of discipline I found myself more as a conduit to writing this story than having to come up with plot points and character development. NaNoWriMo is simply about writing. The editing and cleanup process happens afterwards.

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Are Asian Women “Trophy” Wives Or Just Smart At Picking Quality Husbands?

If you go down a list of prominent and/or monied white males you may often find an (East) Asian woman as his wife of choice. Make no mistake about it, since white males dominate society they have the option of choosing a variety of women of any ethnicity or race.

It’s been a topic explored at the BWE/BWIR blogs for a reason. If more African-American women are going to take their rightful place on the global stage they’ve got to start thinking more strategically when it comes to the males they choose. Less baby mama/jump-off/pining hopeful girlfriend and more wife and/or mother component of a power couple.

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All For One And None For All?

**It’s World AIDS Day and let us not forget how far we’ve come but how far we have to go. HIV/AIDS is the#1 killer of (cis) black women age 25-44. Yes, in the United States. Right now. The time for wishful thinking and compromise when partnering needs to be over. Better choices must be made.

Now that Turkey Day is over, people have stopped gorging themselves and the week returns back to whatever normal is defined, I’ve been making some interesting observations. Those labeled conservative who may or may not be intolerant, along with the truly intolerant and controlling types are usually quite frank about their positions and they honor them with extreme loyalty. Those who consider themselves liberal or are called progressive are somewhat suspect. I call it liberal for pay(off).

It’s when the bottom line becomes the bottom line. In other words: what’s in it for ME ME ME? Now I’m not going to judge whether that’s “wrong” in and of itself because it’s something women especially need to pay attention to. When we give our resources and talents away freely trying to help and do good, others will take them but there’s no guarantee of a return on investment. Not even so much as a pat on the head. This is a little different.  I suppose I can blame it all on Twitter.

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What We Can Learn About Love and Life From Famous Women

Women who are famous are not so different that we can’t relate to certain universal truths or find commonalities. They may have certain career pressures as well as access to unique circumstances. Sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side. What lessons can we glean with regards to the men some famous Black women and Women of Color chose to partner with or marry? 

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