Rapper Too Short Makes 'Rape' Training Video, Liz Trotta Shoulder Shrugs, But We'll Let CBS & The Grammys Have the Last Word Regarding Chris Brown

I admit I’m a little overloaded – and heated from seeing so many of Whitney Houston’s “friends” deflect, deny and blame others while being rather dismissive of their own ignorance and complicity. Kelly Price claiming Houston was “sober” from using certain illegal drugs (ignoring the Rx ones) but that she’d only been a […]

If Some Of Our Elders Wish To Speak Again We Are Ready To Listen


As a Black Women Empowerment (BWE) messenger who is uncompromising in the message I am very grateful for some of the historical contributions from those that came before us, who tried to warn us about the conditions and state of black womanhood.

We have paid it forward and thanks to prolific […]