It’s Time For A Nuanced and Thorough Conversation About “Street Harassment”

I’ve been wanting to discuss the work of activists and organizations that are tackling street harassment. I won’t name any particular individuals, but have followed a few campaigns making inroads for a few years. While I admire the efforts at bringing awareness to such an important issue, it has always bothered me that the focus misses some key elements because those initiatives are based on the experiences of a small subset of women.

Obviously every woman has her own unique experiences, but as with the greater concerns about “feminism” as a whole ignoring class and race privilege the same case can be made in how even this attempt at addressing negative situations is automatically tailored to fit a more narrow definition of circumstances and appropriate responses. So I was pleased to see the article WHY JUST TELLING MEN “NO” DOESN’T NECESSARILY WORK FOR EVERYBODY — AND CAN EVEN BE DANGEROUS published at xoJane – even as I know this is a publication geared toward particular women in a particular space of the blogosphere.

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Watch Malcolm X Discuss How Real Men Protect Women

I have never seen this portion from his 1962 Los Angeles speech before, because one of the more widely used excerpts is his question about black self-hatred. And while we can follow the timeline of his life and work trajectory (this was pre-fallout with NOI), his words do still ring true. This is why I do so enjoy watching and reading his speeches, because his clarity was unparalleled.

I decided to tack the excerpt on as well. Many people are acting surprised about why certain hair-hiding and perpetual wig-wearing black women educators and comedians have publicly bashed their own blackness and that of other black girls and women by negatively reacting to the natural state of our hair. This isn’t new and it didn’t start with women. This attitude is reinforced by patriarchy and whether it originated around the time enslavement was legal in this country does not excuse it’s wide-use today.

It’s been interesting to distantly watch the “shock and awe” of it all, but I can’t help but think how this seems to be an overreaction to the earlier and continued silence when the ones bashing black girls and women are black males. Today, the main problem is not white dominance, but black disloyalty. The last time I checked, they still have careers supported by many of the ones feeling “outraged”. At least that comedian apologized…but still. I wouldn’t break out the champagne just yet. While there’s been a rallying support for the grade-school child that was so viciously treated by her principal, what about all the other black girls who hear this negativity reinforced in their home and “community” every day?

Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the color of your skin to such extent that you bleach to get like the white man? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don’t want to be around each other?


Here’s the FULL speech to watch in its entirety.

Despite The Blatant “Open Season” Disrespect, Many Black Women ARE Setting Boundaries!

Did I catch the long tail of anti-black woman gendered racism from non-blacks reaching its peak? Or is there an increased awareness due to the extended social justice efforts of BWE that the lifestyle changes have spurred an even bigger cultural shift than we’ve realized?

Between recent coverage of Majora Carter, Dr. Dambisa Moyo oh and the pushback against the ongoing everyday assault on black women within the dead black community aka Blackistan, we’re witnessing an unprecedented number of attacks…but are they more likely to be recognized with more countermeasures in place?

The aggression may still occur, but it is not business as usual! The discrepancy between those demanding back women do this, cater to that, respond with “x” and serve their purposes without respect or reciprocity are over.

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New York Times Hit Piece On Majora Carter Is Typical Anti-Black Woman Haterade

You’d think the geniuses at the Times would’ve come up with something more original than Derailing For Dummies lite in their attack against Eco-Strategist Majora Carter, but no, they were too lazy to offer anything beyond paint-it-by-numbers innuendo and the written equivalent of throwing rocks and hiding. It’s 2013. I’ve read more engaging arguments in the comment section of tv show recaps! L-a-Z-y.

I actually laughed as I read their tabloid fodder. First of all, is this what’s representative of journalism today? They’re never going to see the revenue stream behind their paywall when they have a white woman editor and Asian writer pull Mean Girl high school antics to derail the work of an effective black woman activist. Three cheers for “feminism” as the gender-based racism train continues.

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Does Ashley Judd Think She’s The Rosa Parks Of Patriarchy?

Victim or Victimhood Peddler?

Puffy or Not Is Ashley Judd The Real Face Of Sexism?

Poor Ashley is having a very public moment. Maybe she’s going through something privately that’s making her a little extra-sensitive these days. I can’t imagine why she’d take the time to write an entire essay about what she purports is a ra-ra sisterhood stance combating misogyny and body-shaming if she’s as rooted as she claims: 

The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator.

Now that television outlets have picked up on the story this is becoming a huge media circus going into Week Two – amongst those who have time to pay attention. Some people would have women believing we’re lesser-than, oppressed and victims under-siege with no recourse.

This time what we need to reassess and discard isn’t part of Blackistan Thought Propaganda but a lopsided, distorted feminist ideology. To me all of her righteous indignation reads more like self-indulgent posturing that’s an emotional response for not being considered a Sexy Young Thang anymore.

**Begins crocodile tears and a pout.

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Skewered Justice Is No Justice At All

I have the television on as background noise as I’m writing this essay and the series 16 & Pregnant is airing. It’s a follow-up to the previous season, but it isn’t something I’d usually watch. Listening to these young women talk about their experiences is heavy. Perhaps the tone of the series would be different if they had selected different participants, but there’s a similar line of thinking and social class amongst the group.

You can read between the lines about the current uproar over a teen killed by a Neighborhood Watch volunteer.  I know what happened to Trayvon Martin was horrible. My heart goes out to his parents. I hope his mother has the support she needs and they get grief counseling. Similar in mentality, it should not be a surprise but the Twilight Zone behavior of those in Blackistan bending over backwards to focus on George Zimmerman would’ve said zip if they had both been the same race.

Let alone if it had been a black girl followed, harassed and killed by a black male. You can’t ignore the race-based gender terrorism! Zimmerman may very well be a racist which only plays into the ‘evil white male” hegemony reaction by so many blacks.  I see the ambulance chasers surrounding the parents and this growing furor fueled by misguided and opportunistic types and it makes my blood boil.

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Has Joanna Coles & Marie Claire Declared War On Blacks, Asians & Latinas Marrying White Men?

Why Did Hearst Publishing Sign Off On This?

The April 2012 issue of Marie Claire features a series on the role race plays in relationships titled, “Love & Race”. It’s not online yet, so I read a physical copy. While it seems positive and all-inclusive, reading between the lines there’s an undercurrent of passive-aggressive fear and anger that breaks through its PC veneer. Is there some unresolved personal issue in the life of Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles? Or is this a calculated pre-emptive strike on behalf of white women marking what they view as their territory? Somebody at Marie Claire is running scared the best white men are being poached by non-white women because they keep discouraging it!

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Those People Who Have A Problem With Fassy & Nicole Can Kick Rocks!

This is a great example for black women branching out! When I write about certain topics there’s usually a multi-tiered purpose with an immediate and long-range plan in mind. The main priority is to shift thinking and clear a space (mentally, physically, emotionally) to safely re-examine people, places and practices.

Sometimes it’s fun to live vicariously through other people. It’s part aspirational and part inspirational. We don’t need to know every aspect of another person’s life to key in on positive traits that provide a deeper meaning for ourselves. I think most folks are smart enough to separate fantasy from reality.

A purple unicorn shed a tear yesterday.

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The Key Missing Element For Black Achievement Is Getting Over Our Own Hatred For Each Other – Not What White People Think and Do

Part I.

A Counterbalance To The Assessment and Criticism From Forbes Article

I’m somewhat reluctantly going to respond to the Gene Marks’ diatribe, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid”, which has been lobbed back and forth on the Interwebs in a heavily contested debate about racism, paternalism and questions who really cares about what’s best for black children. I’d rather talk about traveling to warm locations and baking cookies, but given the sad state of accountability I have to respond. Any article that generates more than half a million PageViews in one week has obviously touched a nerve. Did Forbes fix the original title after reading LosAngelista’s critique where she mentioned it was grammatically incorrect?

Frankly, the article bores me because this topic has been discussed repeatedly, but no one wants to do anything to fix the problems it discusses. People have noted the symbols that identify lack of infrastructure, but fail to identify their true source. The vanguard CBC members can’t even get black voters to hold President Obama accountable for ignoring them.

Does anyone on the outside think a poorly-edited article from a guy with no skin the game, patting a few colored children on the head so a few whites who are still salty there’s a black President in office (for all the good it’s done for us) has any significance? The only people responding so vehemently aside from actual racists (and black male misogynists) are the ones whose inferiority complexes are showing: other blacks.

Why I am saying this? Continue after the jump to find out.

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Questlove Of The Roots Finds Out He Can’t Get Away With His DBR Behavior

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy! Questlove must now get approval for every piece of music the House Band plays on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon after using a crude song introducing Michele Bachmann when she was a guest in November. She immediately demanded an apology from the network. He should be glad he still has his job! Leno never had this problem with Kevin Eubanks.

Thou Shall Not Denigrate White Women 

Write that 1,000 times on the black board, son! Despite the way this has been downplayed so Fallon can save face, this is big. Even if the woman in question is a dubious political hack, she will be protected. Even if they themselves are no friend to other women. Questlove forgot in a normal, functioning [albeit imperfect] society males can’t cannibalize women – especially those part of the dominant group. Yes, there’s violence and sexism, but we can find numerous examples of males who face negative consequences when they get to far out of pocket.

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