Dr. Phil Features A Black Couple Who Make A Mockery Of Parenting

Happy Black History Month! This has been one for the record books in the canon of the collective. Between the unexpected passing of a music icon, to the groundbreaking of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture to many insights gained time marches on. Don’t miss the boat!

I stumbled across an episode of the Dr. Quack Phil Show on open marriages because I turned on the idiot box while making tea. It warranted a channel change of course, but the extent of the foolishness displayed by the couple featured was too great to ignore because they have three children.

Of course, the producers selected an aggressive, loud, obnoxious black woman to redefine and defend her (willful) denigration as something progressive. I can take a guess who between the two of them originated this malarkey and who volunteered to go down a sinking ship. Why she talked over everyone, including the host. This is the state of black love.

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Before You Become A Bunny Boiler Like Alex From Fatal Attraction Stop & Think!

I re-watched the iconic film Fatal Attraction about two months ago on a Sunday afternoon. I’m assuming many of you reading this post have also seen it. You may wish to revisit this work, because it was brilliant yet very flawed. It would have never been made in today’s Hollywood. It is far too raw, edgy and out there. It would’ve been sanitized into oblivion.

This movie has always bothered me, but I don’t think I fully grasped why until now. Yes, it treated a serious issue (infidelity and betrayal) with a circus sideshow sensationalism that really glossed over a husband’s apathy towards his own family. I understand he took an opportunity for “easy” sex with another woman. It was his contempt for his wife (and by extension all women) that was never examined. The would-be home-wrecker had to display such a depraved level of psychosis in order to absolve the jerk in the eyes of the audience. This is why the original ending was reshot and the wife allowed to dispense “justice” so people wouldn’t have to think too critically or expect accountability. 

Alex appears to be sexy, confident and in control. 

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Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #12: Men In Love

When Men [and Women] Get It Right

I don’t need to expound with a long blog post. I’m just going to play some songs for you so you can listen and hear the perspective of men who’ve evolved into committed relationship mode. Yes, it does happen – often! When a woman meets and vets the right man, magic happens. When there is mutual respect and affection with a focus on building a life together then it’s all gravy!

Not that it’s conflict-free [that would be boring], but a beautiful coupling can take place that lifts spirits and makes hearts soar. Which is the way things are supposed to be!

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When Your Mother In Law Sues You She’s Just Not That Into You!

I had briefly heard of this story in passing but hadn’t realized all of the ramifications involved. Comic Sunda Coonquist has been sued by her mother-in-law for making jokes about the behavior of the family. Much humor is rooted in pain and certain comedians are very skillful at dissecting the actions of others. Sunda is a bi-racial black woman, her husband is white and she converted to Judaism to marry him. At the crux of this case is the story of her husband’s family who have a history of exclusionary antics. The fact that Sunda’s husband is representing her in court has been lauded by some. I think the entire scenario is ridiculous and clearly was escalating for some time.
Croonquist’s act includes jokes about her many encounters with her husband’s family over the years, like her first visit to her mother-in-law’s house. She gave Roker a sample: “I walk in, I say, ‘Thank you so much for having me here, Ruthie.’ She says, ‘The pleasure’s all mine, have a seat.’” Then, in a loud aside, “‘Harriet, put my pocketbook away.’ 

On a more serious note, Croonquist said that despite her obvious commitment to Judaism, she has suffered through painful incidences of exclusion from her husband’s family. “It’s not been easy,” she told Roker. “I’ve been asked to step out of family photos. I guess I’m just not right for the bar mitzvah picture.”

The comedian said that she has been the brunt of her in-laws’ jokes as well. “They made jokes at my expense. Not on stage, but in temple.”