If The Tea Party Realized Their Enemy Is The Greedy Elite We’d Have A Real Revolution

What would certain members of the white elite and political manipulators do if working class and poor whites figured out they were being played? Those Tea Party members might reconsider how easily they’re being manipulated into racially scapegoating others and recognize it’s a class battle they need to be organizing against. The Southern Strategy aka “Operation Scare White People” has been such an oft-used ploy to get them to work against their interests I wonder how can so many be led down a very familiar path time and time again?

Meanwhile Kevin Drum, as stated in his Mother Jones article, The Fate Of The Tea Parties suggests that the Tea Party is a fad stating —

We’ve seen similar conservative movements flower like clockwork during previous Democratic administrations, and they always burn themselves out after a few years. The tea party movement has ascended faster than its ancestors, partly because of lousy economic conditions and partly because of the power of modern media, and my guess is that their fall will be equally swift when it comes.

— I’m not as certain as he purports to be of their pending fade to obscurity. The damage left in their wake often lasts far beyond the sputtered agendas only to be reignited again. In this case the economic indicators may be far worse than what we are being led to believe as the more “radical” forecasters have been warning of a major collapse since 2005-2006 and a permanent shift where mere recovery won’t bring back the removal of a big chunk of the infrastructure.

In fact, The Institute For Policy Studies has published their latest annual Executive Excess report  http://www.ips-dc.org/reports/executive_excess_2010 showing the spike in profit margins for CEOs of companies who get rid of large swaths of their employees. It pays to fire people!

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