I Know It's Hard To Believe, But There Is More At Stake Than Defending Paula Deen, What KimYe Named Their Baby Or The Weekend Box Office.

Not even the never-ending battles for control of oil, precious metals and human cargo is new news. 1984-style monitoring was a) already predicted b) ongoing across several previous administrations (it’s a major plot point on The Americans and their timeline is the 1980’s). When we discussed the perils of making a martyr out […]

Satire Account "White Feminist" Is Meant To Expose Racism..But May Perpetuate It Instead

There’s a Twitter account named White Feminist that uses satire to expose racism according to the Editorial staff. I heard about it because Cosmopolitan magazine wrote a positive review about it (humph) and it showed up on the blog’s Twitter feed last week.

Here’s a gem of a sample of what awaits you:


The Process Of Building Faith, Hope, Love & Trust

Thank you to the awesome women who’ve connected via social media. So many reached out to offer kind words, encouragement and practical solutions when I wrote about an issue I’m trying to resolve.

On a separate (but cohesive) note, I’ve been exploring the connection between Mind/Body/Spirit  but haven’t quite  come to […]

Despite The Blatant "Open Season" Disrespect, Many Black Women ARE Setting Boundaries!

Did I catch the long tail of anti-black woman gendered racism from non-blacks reaching its peak? Or is there an increased awareness due to the extended social justice efforts of BWE that the lifestyle changes have spurred an even bigger cultural shift than we’ve realized?

Between recent coverage of Majora Carter, […]

Infographic On Women's Use Of The Internet Around The Globe

Access matters! We’re so lucky here in the United States and other Western countries to be able to use computers in public spaces like the local library and have so many open wifi hotspots.

While I don’t think it wise to dismiss the ongoing talk of a digital divide, we shouldn’t […]

The Cinderella Experience Is Yours

Be Like “Cindy”!!

Early readers of Acts of Faith In Love & Life will remember how well my post on re-examining the Cinderella mythos,  Cinderella: Guerilla Training Manual resonated with so many of you. I’ve debated how to expound on its theme of empowerment and due to the requirements […]

What SOCIETY Do You Want To Be A Part Of?

Perhaps because I’m observing some rather dense interpretations amongst certain women who miss the forest from staring a tree leaves, it poses a question (legit or false) about our place in society and free agency. Does the legality of Marriage Equality granted to same gender-loving people negatively impact hetero couples? Does telling single […]

Universal Laws Do Apply Whether We're Aware Or Not

I just heard Lillian Lopez, the lead singer of the disco-era group Odyssey passed away. I don’t think I need to mention the power of the influence of art forms like music. This song definitely encouraged my desire to live in Manhattan when I listened to it as a child.


So Mitt Romney Decided To Attend The NAACP Convention But Obama Didn't. Thoughts?

Here’s a few things to consider as we continue to move into a higher plane of consciousness, raising the bar for our expectations:

Is it conceivable during an election year, where a sitting President is running for a second term to ignore a gathering at the largest Civil Rights organization in the country? […]

Wanna Know What Taking A Calculated Risk Looks Like?

I was catching up on posts at Newbies Guide To Publishing and noted how another author contemplated the decision to leave his corporate career to write full-time. Read the entire guest post by Jude Hardin and Joe’s response. There are certain things that are advised to be put in place before taking […]