Broke Bums Ain't Cute

I want to use a few examples from recent media chatter to discuss the perils of women giving men passes for EVERYTHING!!! Men do NOT settle! Men go after jobs and partners they don’t deserve and are unqualified for ALL THE TIME. Extreme social conditioning amongst dysfunctional blacks browbeat black women into accepting […]

The Kind Of Luxe That's Just For Us!”>Royals

If you’re paying attention to the label artists with the buzz lately then you’ll know what song I got that line from. If not I’ll tell you it’s Royals by Lorde.

Discussion on Champagnes


The next best thing to flying private.


Before You Know It 2015 Will Be Here. Make 2014 Count!


Google Doodle

Hello Everyone. I’m still taking a mini-break (although you can go to the blog’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for real-time updates). I will share why I half-forced myself to step away for a breather after 6 years of non-stop posts when I resume the new schedule. […]

David Bowie & Iman: Is This Love Or What?

Let’s all come together for a collective “aww shucks” because after two decades of wedded bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Jones seem to still be going strong. The examples of their shared values and similar goals are key for a relationship to thrive.

David Bowie and Iman | Mr. and Mrs. Jones

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On Gag Reflexes And Swallowing Fear

Pineapples! via Napua Weddings


I was going to include this in my weekly breakdown post, but realized it was going to be longer than a few sentences. I’ve bumped it up to post level.

I tried to stifle a groan and move on, but there’s been a dozen articles in response to some […]

When We Talk About Creating Business Models For Ourselves....”>

I just want to piggyback off a recent post by Khadija over at Muslim Bushido,  African-American Slave Consumers’ Addiction to “Business As Usual” Vs. Escape Velocity.

Speaking only for myself, I make very conscious choices for what I media I consume and whom I give support to. I’ve put my neck […]

How To Get Fit & Meet More Posh People: Learn To Be A Coxswain!

That’s rowing jargon. Instead of using a simulated exercise gizmo, do the real thing. On the water. In a boat. Check out your local rowing club and join a class for beginner lessons.  Of course you might want to have some minimal swimming skills just in case. And you will socialize and mingle with the yacht […]

Watch Tina Turner Discuss The Importance Of MARRIAGE, Her Career And Ambitions In Love and Life

This Tina Turner interview opens with a discussion about WHY MARRIAGE MATTERS. She mentions the legal and emotional benefits of why she tied the knot with her long-time love and letting go of the funk from her first marriage. VERY TELLING!!! Money, career, status, security, preparing for her golden years, not having to […]

Dustin Hoffman Reflects On Insights Gained From Playing A Woman”

Namely, how much perceived beauty is a serious advantage. Hoffman reflects during an interview with the American Film Institute on his now iconic role in Tootsie. He also discusses the “interesting” women he personally passed on getting to know better (smh).  Live and learn, right?

The lesson I see here is:


Alrighty, I Could Have Posted This Yesterday

I logged offline a bit and see some people are still – and will forever be – focused on causes, plights, fights and drama that should never cross their mental thresholds. It’s interesting to have had enough distance from looking at the world a certain way to see what folly people engage in […]