A Non-PC Look At The Negative Impact Of African-American Single Motherhood

I and a score of other citizen activists and bloggers (of sometimes divergent interests) have come together in an initiative today to blow the lid off the explosion of out of wedlock child births in the African-American community in particular, the large never-married status and mass abandonment of black women and children. For regular readers of this blog you will likely be familiar with my previous posts where I’ve discussed how this pattern has become normalized and why it not only lacks tangible benefits but is in fact destructive.




This has been an ongoing topic of concern brought to light by a few key black women bloggers who seek to encourage other women to rethink the general consensus things are fine as is. These conversations  have brought the ire of many but ignoring less than ideal circumstances don’t make them beneficial.

Today is your Emancipation Day! Please feel free to join in. Here’s my entry for  No Wedding No Womb. Thanks to  PR pro Christelyn Karazin for organizing this event, Lorraine Spencer for the great lyrics to the theme song and a special shout-out to the black male bloggers I approached  who agreed to participate.

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